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 Who is Angie?

The details

Chapter 1:
Encounter This!

Chapter 2:
Born Again

Chapter 3:
A New Beginning

Chapter 4:
Birth of a Sun Angel


Who is Angie? and what is a Sun Angel?


An autobiographical exercise that became an ongrowing musing about my life, growth and thoughts about things...

So, who am I? Good question! I 'postponed' putting a page up about myself for 7 years while I tried to figure that one out. I still don't know the full answer (it's changing all the time). The short answer is, I'm a creative person, who very much wants to uplift and 'spread the good word' about hope, love and living authentically while having *fun* with this 'Spiritual Growth' adventure. I am an artist and a writer, a numerologist and a web developer, a shopkeeper, a lover, a mother. I'm a friend, a teacher, a wisher, a reacher (who can resist an opportunity to rhyme?)

The Story of Sun Angel and NumberQuest is an interesting and complex one. Who can really say when IT actually began - there is a lifetime of knowledge, experience and spiritual gleanings behind every part of Sun Angel and her first born, NumberQuest (and that is not considering the wealth of wisdom that my friends and associates bring... and that is not considering the amazing vibrational contributions that each visitor brings....) The story of Sun Angel is inexorably woven from the fabric of my own life. S/he is an electronic expression of parts of my own being - all sides of it - from the beauty and color and joy to the less than optimal parts.. The parts that are in process and evolving ... INSPIRATION, MAGIC, MIRACLES AND PURPOSE are behind Sun Angel's materialization in web format though and this is the story I'll tell...


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