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Abraham-Hicks: Abraham Quote Use Whatever Excuse

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Abraham-Hicks Quote:
Use whatever excuse you can to vibrate in harmony with those things you've been saying you want. And when you do, those things that are a vibrational equivalent flow into your experience in abundance. Not because you deserve it, not because you've earned it, but because it's the natural consequence of the Law of Attraction. That which is like unto itself is drawn.
- Abraham-Hicks

Abraham-Hicks and Law Of Attraction News and Articles

Making Extra Money Using The Law Of Attraction
EIN News (press release)
On most days, it is #1 in Kindle Short Reads/Self Help on as well as on Amazon international sites, Gene Geter's ebook, How To Gain Wealth With Just One Word has been helping people strike a cord with training their subconscious mind.

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The law of "Attraction"
Casino City Times
The law of attraction is the name given to the belief that "like attracts like" and that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, one can bring about positive or negative results. This belief is based upon the idea that people and their thoughts ...

TopWireNews (press release)

How To Attract Money And Wealth Using Law Of Attraction
TopWireNews (press release)
On most days, it is #1 in Kindle Short Reads/Self Help on as well as on Amazon international sites, Gene Geter's ebook, How To Gain Wealth With Just One Word has been helping people strike a cord with training their subconscious mind.

Attraction and Credit: The Power of Focus
Huffington Post
While listening to the radio the other day I happened to hear a talk on the law of attraction, a subject that interests me a great deal. It got me thinking about how the law of attraction can help with building healthy credit and personal finances. I'm ...

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Psychic Dougall Fraser Explains Power of Attraction
Psychic and author Dougall Fraser, is working to help teach people the true meaning of attracting good things in our lives, and he's teaming up with fellow psychic Colleen Baron-Read for a workshop this weekend. Dougall Fraser will be at East West ...

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New York Times

Rush to Invest in Alibaba, but Concerns Linger About the Company's Future
New York Times
Right now, a main attraction of Alibaba is that it does not consume large amounts of cash holding inventory, as is the custom for most retailers, including Amazon. Like eBay, Alibaba merely matches buyers and sellers. Nor has Alibaba ... Instead, the ...
Yes the Alibaba IPO is hot, but how loyal will the company's new shareholders be?Quartz

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WCVB Boston

Monday, September 22: Main Streets and Back Roads: Thimble Islands
WCVB Boston
They have unusual names like Pot Rock, Cut-in-Two, Mother-in-Law and Potato. Some are big enough to support a summer colony; others can barely host a gazebo. Collectively, they are the Thimble Islands, a curious coastal attraction off the shore of ...


Magical organ gives 'musical taste' a new meaning
(CNN) -- The organist's fingers step lightly through a world of summer fruits, picking out high notes that conjure zest and vitality, before segueing into a lazy melody of golden malt fields. The whisky in my glass plays along, the taste changing with ...
Magic organ gives 'musical taste' new meaningWPTZ The Champlain Valley

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In brief: Busch Gardens removes some Halloween props in wake of beheadings
Palm Beach Post
Spokesmen for parks in Virginia and Tampa said that in light of recent events, some props may have had the unintended consequence of appearing insensitive and won't be part of this year's Howl-O-Scream attraction. They wouldn't say exactly which props ...

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Police offer safety tips for weekend fair-goers
Edmond Sun
... larcenies, white collar crime and assault and battery, police said. The 2014 Oklahoma State Fair, which draws more than 1 million visitors annually, runs Sept. 11-Sept. 21. Fair officials work with law enforcement to create as safe an environment ...

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