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Abraham-Hicks: Abraham Quote A Belief Is Only A Thought

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Abraham-Hicks Quote:
A belief is only a thought that you keep thinking. So as you keep thinking this thought, you keep vibrationally attracting relative to that thought. So you confirm your own beliefs again and again and again and again and again. That's why someone who believes in cancer can confirm that belief, or someone who believes in robbery can confirm that belief. So everything is a sort of confirmation of belief.
- Abraham-Hicks

Abraham-Hicks and Law Of Attraction News and Articles

Huffington Post

Law of Attraction: Manifesting That Sweet, Sweet Cash
Huffington Post
Even though very few people are interested in harnessing the power of the law of attraction to get more money (sarcasm alert), I figured I would throw up a post focusing in on this very specific manifestation just in case there were some interested ...

Huffington Post

Is the Law of Attraction Working for You?
Huffington Post
Whether you want to improve your health, lose weight, have more money, find the love of your life, start a new business, get a promotion or want to be happy YOU HAVE TO CHANGE your subconscious mind's programming by learning to manage you ...

Boston Herald

The Law of Attraction
Boston Herald
On Monday my kids didn't have school because of Rosh Hashanah so we scooted to Brown to go to the cafeteria for a little pre-birthday celebration (my birthday is today — hurray!). I love love love Brown (and the Ratty) — it's my happy place. It ...

and more »

Use the 'Law of Attraction' to Change Your Life says AusCorp Connect
Satellite PR News (press release)
The Law of Attraction means that individuals attract whatever they think about, good or bad. Inspired by the book 'The Law of Attraction: The Basics of the Teaching of Abraham' by Esther and Jerry Hicks, AusCorp Connect point out what impact people's ...

Idaho Residents Remember Escaped Big Cats 20 Years Later
Twin Falls Times-News
Fortunately, this was just an April Fools joke. A few months later, the town was completely shut down as law enforcement spent days killing and capturing lions, tigers and hybrid ligers that escaped from Ligertown, located just 2 miles outside of town ...

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Hutch City Council seeks vape shop comment on teens' e-cigarette proposal
Hutchinson News
They want the city to treat e-cigarettes the same under the Kansas Indoor Clean Air Act, which prohibits smoking in most indoor public places. Elsewhere in ... He said the option to vape some places where smoking is prohibited can be an attraction ...

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The Depaulia

Vic Mensa and FADER find creative way to tell stories
The Depaulia
Keen to how outsiders perceive the community, which boasts the prestigious University of Chicago campus as well as President Obama's former residence, Mensa expresses how the attraction of street life can often conflict with the traditional values that ...

Forsyth County News Online

Cumming Country Fair & Festival opens on Thursday
Forsyth County News Online
CUMMING — Though it plays host to its share of graduations, races and bull riding competitions, the Cumming Fairgrounds is getting ready for its biggest attraction: The Cumming Country Fair & Festival. The annual 11-day event opens at 4 p.m. Thursday ...

Edmonton Journal

Nick Lees: Field Law celebrates centennial recalling landmark cases, colourful ...
Edmonton Journal
Hoisting a glass of champagne to toast the 100th anniversary of Field Law are, left to right, managing partner James Casey; Allan Wachowich, former chief justice of Alberta's Court of Queen's Bench; Doreen Saunderson from Field's Calgary office; and ...

Huffington Post

Law of Attraction: 4 Ways You're Mucking Up Your Manifesting
Huffington Post
This law of attraction thing seems so easy on the surface, and it is a pretty straightforward concept. But as you got deeper into your "work," you may have discovered getting into a space of trust, allowing, detachment and what have you, is easier said ...

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