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Abraham-Hicks: Abraham Quote Feeling Your Desire

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Abraham-Hicks Quote:
FEELING YOUR DESIRE: Feel it by appreciating and allowing instead of wanting and yearning. Now, when we use the word "want" most of you, just the word "want" puts you in instant yearning. Most often, when we are talking to a group of people about what they want, they're talking about what they don't have yet. In other words, wanting identifies what is wanted, but what else does it identify? Where you stand relative to it. So every time you say, "I want something" you have an immediate awareness of where you stand relative to it. So if the "where I am" is dominant in the wanting, then the wanting is yearnful. If the appreciation is dominant, then there's no lack. So most of you who want are vibrating in a way you can't get it because your awareness is, "I don't have it, I've never had it, I don't know anybody who's got it. The odds are that I won't get it." You see what we're getting at?
- Abraham-Hicks

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