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Angel Guidance

Angel Guidance is brought to you by the International Academy of Mastery (IAM).
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Darling child. You are a blessed gift to your world. You have remembered the light and lived the love far before many of your brothers and sisters. Let us work together now, in union with each other, and we will answer your spirit. We will heal your environment and uplift your family. There is much more to do. But first there is a lesson in beauty. Beautify everything you can in your world for the next few days. Your home, your body, your work and your thoughts. Add color, art, dimension, texture wherever you can. It will bring peace to the eyes. It will soothe the spirit. And it will show you the way. Remember always the beauty in nature. It is there as a gift from God. You can give that to others on many levels. Beauty is love made manifest. And you are a work of beauty manifest as a gift to your world!
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