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Angel Guidance

Angel Guidance is brought to you by the International Academy of Mastery (IAM).
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We greet you with love. We shower you with love. We hold you in love, and we will show you more love than you have ever known before. Reach inside yourself first dear child to find a place for love. Look deep and pretend now that you are loved completely and perfectly in every way. Can you see it? Can you feel it? We want to help you develop this once more, for you knew it well so long ago. You have almost forgotten, yet it stirs in your memory whenever we can manage to trigger that vibration in you. We WANT you to know that love day to day. Close your eyes now and remember. Go back to a time when you were held close in the arms of one who knew you. Who Truly knew you. One who could say one word and uplift your spirits, give you a brief glance and take you to another dimension. Remember the harmony with others which permeated every moment of your days. Yes, it was real. And that is why you long for it again. Be with these thoughts in every meditation this week, especially before you retire. Light a candle and pray that its light draw more love into your life. As you extinguish that light, know that it carries your dream in the trail of smoke. On the wings of your hearts desire. We love this desire and will carry it as far as we need to in order that it reach its proper target. I love you.
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