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Angel Guidance

Angel Guidance is brought to you by the International Academy of Mastery (IAM).
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My child. Your task right now is to keep the balance. So many things around you are in the state of flux, change, uncertainty. As you stay centered in the midst of the confusion, you will begin to align all the energies into a beautiful mosaic. Just as a building under construction would look to an untrained eye as a scene of total chaos, know that your circumstance at present, has the appearance to you as one without much rhyme or reason. We see it through the eyes of the Master Architect. Although we cannot show you the final plan of your life today, please hear us! It is majestic. It is magnificent! Just as you yourself are divine, so too is the plan of your life. We love you dear one. Find that deep center within you which trusts. Stay there, and you will be shown the truth, much sooner than you think.
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