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1999 the Year of Cleansing

by Angelli Mansfield

1999 is a triple powered year for sure. The Calendar Year totals out to a 28/10, making this a 1 year of new beginnings, independence and discovery. The vibration of 1 also lends itself to new inventions and innovative breakthroughs, self-development, competition, leadership and creating a unique, self-sufficient identity.

Most of the 20th century has been guided by these qualities and aspirations due to the "19" (19 = 1+9 = 10 = 1+0 = 1) at the helm. In this final year of the "19", followed by Master Number, 99, we can expect to experience a somewhat exaggerated 1 Year - super-powered by triple 9. 9 is the highest single number vibration there is and with 9 the power is invisible and indifferent to individuality. In other words, 9 is high vibrational power of Source and it seeks to reveal Truth and Light. It does this by merely shining light upon all so that all - light and dark and the gray between - may be revealed. In this way, all that is not in resonance with Truth and Light and Source may be seen and transformed. So it follows that we may be "seeing" much more that is not in resonance with Light than ever before, and feeling a bit uneasy ourselves as we are illuminated along with everything else. But, in truth there will be just as much more Light and beauty to be seen and the trick will be to learn how to focus our attention like a laser beam on that beauty. In this way we collectively "grow" the Light instead of dispassionately adding to the collective cynicism.

In the Major Arcana of the Tarot, number 1 relates to the card of the "Magician". The Magician has every tool necessary for complete transformation, enlightenment and Heaven on Earth and she has found the exact formula for perfect manifestation. The beauty of the Calendar Year vibration is that it is like a blanket that covers all of us at the same time and offers each of us the opportunity to partake of it's riches if we so choose. It is the Collective Unconscious and understanding this can be very powerful as we chart out our course for the year. During this powerful year, we will see an escalation of consciousness that will blow our socks off!

In recent years, we have seen accelerating interest and growth in spirituality (in whatever form best suits each individual) quantum physics (bridging science and Spirit) and in technology, and this year will reach a crescendo in all of these fields. If you think you've seen a lot of books and programs and workshops about angels and aliens and *conversations with God* you will notice a marked increase this year and along with it, a plethora of "false profits" (I know - I spelled "Prophet" wrong..) mixing in so well as to "almost" obliterate the pockets of Truth spattered about. I am not judging any particular perspective in saying this, just reminding myself -through you- that the Truth is INSIDE each of us. God's voice is FREE and readily available to teach us all day long and this is indeed what God truly wants - for us to LISTEN to the guidance that is constantly pouring forth within us. Books, television programs and seminars are very useful "reminders". They are only "triggers" though, awakening that which we already know.

All of that being said, 1999 will be the year we can master the art of co-creating with God (whatever "God" means to you). We will notice how the power of our attention "co-creates" our reality and even though this has been taught and talked about since the early 1900's, we will actually EXPERIENCE the reality of this in our daily, physical lives. We have the opportunity this year to awaken from the Great Dream and have "choice" once again and with that comes the responsibility to be aware of our Bodies, Minds and Spirits and to become a loving caretaker for all three.

New consciousness will bring new breakthroughs in medicine, especially alternative and self-healing and we will see many more bridges built between science and Spirit than we have in centuries. We have come "full circle" in the phase of "19/1" and the year 2000 will be a major turning point on many levels as the 20th century comes to a close. We will see many more collaborations take place in every field as master-minds team up and merge to spawn new and powerful creations. This is only a precursor to the energy of the "2" that has already been making it's way into the collective unconscious. The economic balance will continue to climb and dive creating numerous opportunities for unheard of gain (as well as loss) in the stock market as the "Y2K" threats loom on the horizon. Many on Wall Street adore an up/down economy like this, as it creates the perfect rhythm to make lots of moolah and the truth is that it creates a perfect rhythm for creativity and expression for the rest of us too! If we can use our individual consciousness and focus of attention to find the daisies in the junk heaps that present themselves in life. Garbage transformed creates super-sonic "fuel" that can carry us back to the top, quicker and quicker each time.

So, along with the Magician's tools, we are also under the influence of the "Hermit", relating to 9 and the "Wheel of Fortune", relating to 10 in the Major Arcana of the Tarot. For a superb explanation of 9, the energy of the Hermit in the Tarot, I will quote a passage from one of my very favorite numerology books of all time; Numerology and the Divine Triangle by Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker).

"The symbol for key 9, is the yod, the tongue of flame, the glyph that makes up every letter in the Hebrew alphabet. It represents the fiery energy, the life force, and the hand, opened rather than closed, of man and woman. In the body we are little serpents, containing a portion of the one Source's fiery energy. As such, we are the hands of God operating in the physical world."

This is a beautiful explanation of 9 and the quiet, but not so subtle power it bestows. Those born under 9 (9 Destiny, Expression or Birthday) will feel it's calling - and scrutiny - more than most and they will feel as if their life's Purpose has been "activated" this year. Besides being a force of creation and the destruction of all that is not "Real", 9 is also the number of the humanitarian as well as the animal and environmental activist. 9 sees all life being of equal value and in this sense, it sometimes loves in an abstract way. Often in ways we don't initially understand. Just as the raging fires seemingly spark out of nowhere and ravage the over-growth in the outback of Australia, taking healthy young plants, birds and animals up in it's whirlwind, so does the vibration of 9 sometimes "burn" the stagnant and limiting elements out of our lives. And just as the outback is then purified and penetrated with life-nourishing ash for new and more abundant growth, we are "nurtured" in this same way by the yod - the flame of God. Now, I am not predicting that we will have more literal "fires" here (hopefully I don't even need to clarify that) but I am symbolically referring to that dynamic of seeming destruction which leads to new birth.

How do we "play along" with 9 to ensure more harmony in our own personal lives? Clean out your closets! I'm serious. Clean, clean, clean and then give it away. Give away anything that you don't absolutely LOVE because somebody else is looking for just that and you will open the door (create the space) for what you do LOVE to come to you. I realize I am speaking throughout most of this article in a more universal point of view - what is likely to happen on the planet due to the numerological vibrations of the Calendar Year, but the way we deal with them personally is to take them down into our own little worlds - our lives and jobs and families. Let things go, including grudges, excess weight, and relationships that have outlived their purpose. Remember the adage, "If you love something set it free, if it returns, it's yours, if it doesn't - it never was." Number 9 says, "nothing REAL can be destroyed. The form may change (all that is truly alive must change for stagnation is no-life=death) and nothing that you truly LOVE can ever be really separate from you - even if you can't see it with your physical eyes. No love dies. So 9 doesn't see what the big deal is about cleaning out the old to make room for the new. To find harmony with 9, learn to surrender to trust from your heart of hope.


#1: Unity, Beginning, Focussed concentration, Goal-striving, Action, Independence, Originality, Courage, Invention, Leader, Self-reliant, Ambition, Pioneer , Will, Conscious Mind, Positivity, Creativity, Magician

#9: Humanitarian, Compassionate, Romantic, Selfless, Accepting, Mission, Helper, Generous, Philanthropic, Agape, Wisdom, Idealist, Sage, Teacher, Sophistication, International, Travel, Culture, Fine Art, Hermit

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