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The 7 keys for manifesting what you want

by Rhégina Sinozich

Do you know you already manifest everything in your life. Now, how would you like to start manifesting what you really want?

Manifesting what you want? That's quite the concept isn't it?--the ability to attract what you want into your life. Sounds almost like science fiction movie doesn't it?

But it isn't science fiction. It follows some pretty basic principles.

Just think of the possibilities--if you could really create the kind of life you wanted... Wow, just think! I probably don't even need to finish that sentence.

You're attractive, but do you know what you're attracting?

You have the ability to create what you want in your life, or really more accurately, you have the ability to attract what you want in your life.

You see, you already create your reality. Every thought and every emotion you have sets the tone for today and plants the seeds for tomorrow.

You're incredibly attractive. You're like a giant magnet and you attract to yourself experiences that are in line with your thoughts and emotions.

If you're charged up with a lot of positive energy, then you're going to attract a lot of positive things. Of course, the opposite is just as valid--if you're sitting solidly planted in a pile negativity then you're going to attract the negative stuff. Obviously we're going to try and help you attract the good stuff.

But it's important for you to understand how you're getting what you're getting. Once you grasp that, it's a cinch to become really intentional about what you're attracting and to clear out anything that's blocking what you want. That's the formula for manifesting what you want in your life.

Manifesting soup--the dish of a lifetime.

Imagine that you have a gigantic pot and you're cooking the dish of a lifetime--in fact you are, you're cooking up your own life and if that's not THE dish of a lifetime, then nothing is! You're throwing all kinds of things into that pot--your experiences, your thoughts, your emotions and so on.

The good stuff--positive energy--tastes great and the more of it you add to your pot the better it tastes, the better life gets, the more on track you are for manifesting what you want.

Negativity is bitter and it tastes awaful and the more of it you add to this pot of soup of yours the lousier it tastes! Definitely not what you want to be manifesting.

This pot of yours is huge. It's enough to feed you for a lifetime! So if you pop in a couple dabs of negativity, it's not going to make a huge difference in the scheme of things. But if you stand potside and start pouring it in, it's not going to be long before your dish starts to taste pretty horrendous. And that's when you start moving further and further away from manifesting what you want.

Likewise with your positive thoughts, energy, and emotions. A few pinchs here and there aren't really going to make a big difference. But once you start pouring them in, watch out, because that stew is going to start tasting pretty darn good.

It's an interactive affair.

If life just happens to you then there's really no point in paying much attention to what you're putting out mentally or emotionally. But life doesn't just happen to you, it's an interactive affair. You have a major impact on the end result. What you focus on grows.

Once you start really getting really serious about manifesting what you want you're going to want to start paying very close attention to what you're pouring into your pot. You're going to want to pour in some serious doses of positive energy. You're going to become more and more thoughtful about what you throw into that pot of yours.

You can't always control what happens to you, but you always have control over how you move through it. Getting pulled into a negative whirlwind has a heavy price tag--not only right in the moment, but also in the way it's going to affect your moments to come. In other words you're not going to be able to start manifesting what you want unless you become pretty conscious of what you're throwing into that pot.

Let's hand you the 7 keys for manifesting what you want.

Manifesting what you want really isn't that hard. It just takes practice and a willingness to stay with it as you change the overall atmostphere in your life.

If your soup has gotten very bitter from years of negativity, you need to give yourself some time to turn that around. It isn't going to happen overnight. But it is going to happen if you keep shifting what you put into your pot.

It's a matter of becoming aware of what you're putting out there and very mindfully moving yourself into a better and better and better place.

There are several keys to manifesting what you want.

Key #1 for manifesting what you want

Your first key is to become very aware of your energy. Own it. Check in with yourself. A simple "how am I feeling?" will do the trick. I've had a number of clients recently start working with timers on their watches. It works wonders. They set the timer every hour or so and when it goes off they check in. It's a great way to drop in "unannounced" and get a bird's eye view of what's going on in your mind. If you don't think what you're thinking and feeling is going to help you get started on manifesting what you want then move on to key #2...

Key #2 for manifesting what you want is to redirect any negativity. You have a choice about where you focus your attention and how you interpret situations for yourself.

You're the gatekeeper, the narrator of all incoming information. You're telling the story!

There are thousands of different interpretations for any situation and which interpretation you choose is going to affect how you feel. How you feel in turn is going to affect what kind of energy you put out which in turn affects the overall taste of that pot of life of yours!

Key #3 for manifesting what you want is to focus on what you love. Even if your life is an absolute mess right now, you'll get more mileage out of focusing on the 1% of your life that's working than you will focusing on the 99% that's not because...

What you focus on grows.

It's just energy!

Everything in this universe is energy. There's been some amazing research in the past few decades. And in a nutshell what quantum physics has shown us is that on the most minute level, everything--our selves included--breaks down to whirling particles in space.

We're just energy.

In working on manifesting what you want, what you want to do is get that energy as positively charged as you possibly can because like attracts like. In other words the more positive your energy the more positive the energy you attract to yourself is going to be.

In order to start manifesting what you want you need to align your energy with the energy of what it is you want. Remember, you're magnetic. So if you want to feel excited about a new job then you need to be feeling excited now.

Your key to manifesting what you want is to feel those things you want BEFORE they happen. You want to be in tune with where it is you want to go.

I know that probably flies in the face of everything you've ever learned. I'm sure you've heard "Go out and work hard and then you'll get what you want" or some variation on that theme a number of times in your life. But there's a problem with that...

Why working so hard at it doesn't work and never will.

If you're out there pushing hard and not having a lot of fun at it (I'm not talking about the kind of working hard that feels just fantastic) then what you're throwing into your pot is bitterness and fatigue and resentment. Not very tasty and that's certainly not going to attract what it is that you want to start manifesting!

If you focus on being fat you'll never be fit.

If you focus on being poor you'll never be rich.

If you focus on war you'll never bring peace.

Once you start living your life in a way where you manifest more and more of what you want you're going to be changing your focus and making sure that you're focusing right now on what you want to attract. Even if you're sick, you need to learn to focus on feeling well or you'll never attract it in a way that lasts. If you're overweight, you need to learn how to feel fit or you'll never lose that weight and keep it off.

The tastier that life stew of yours becomes the more attractive you become to all those wonderful "tasty" things in life. And those things you want are going to start popping into your life all over the place.

Here are keys 4, 5 and 6 for manifesting what you want.

Key #4 to manifesting what you want is to amplify, amplify, amplify the positive. Feel those positive feelings as often as you can. Surround yourself with people and things and nature that you love. Close your eyes and visualize things that bring you tremendous joy. Then let yourself turn up the volume on those things. Start small with this, but start. Find one thing to feel good about. If you can't find something in your external life then close your eyes and use your imagination. That's just as powerful! Your brain doesn't know the difference.

Key #5 to manifesting what you want is to clear out any negativity. This is a tall order for most of us. Those pesky little negative thoughts seem to sneak in and set up shop before we even know they're there. Stay on top of them. Ask for inner guidance around clearing the negativity and blocks out and then follow through on what you get from inside.

Key #6 to manifesting what you want is to trust your process. Trust your inner self. Trust that everything is unfolding exactly as it's meant to. Trust that if you do your job, which is to clear out the negativity, plug into the positive, follow through on what you get from the inside, that the universe will do its job.

Things may not always happen in the order or at the pace you think they should. I am the queen of impatience, I think everything should have happened yesterday. But time and time again as I stand at the end of a journey, in hind sight it all makes so much sense. So often I can't see the wisdom of it at the time. Trust your process.

And last but certainly not least... the 7th key.

These 6 keys are essential for manifesting what you want. And there's one more and this one pulls all the others together. Without it, the first 6 won't work! You'll feel better definitely, but your life's not going to take off in the way you dream it might. So, here's your 7th key!

Key #7 to manifesting what you want is to act on what you get from inside. It won't do you a bit of good to get incredible insight and guidance from inside if you don't act on it.

You've gotta act!

We're on a physical planet and we're meant to be active. Don't be afraid to act. Sometimes you'll get nudges from inside that really stretch the envelope. You'll think "oh no way... I can't do that." Well take a deep breath and do it anyway.

You don't need to work hard pushing from the outside to make things happen. But when you get a message from inside (and these are often very subtle, gentle urgings from your higher self) to jump, the only question is "how high?"


Remember to be patient with yourself. If you've been going 500 miles an hour in the opposite direction, then it's going to take a bit of time for you to redirect yourself. But if you stay with it I promise you won't be disappointed.

There's nothing more satisfying in the world than living from the inside out, manifesting what you want, attracting those things that you want more of in your life!

Happy manifesting to you! :-)

Are you ready to take these 7 keys and put them right to work for you so you can really start manifesting more of what you want?

Well here's a set of CDs I think you're going to be very interested in--the Manifesting Trio.

With these guided meditations, manifesting what you want couldn't be easier. It's fun, it's easy, it's relaxing, it's energizing. The guided meditations help you bypass all those negative thoughts that tell you you can't have what you want. It helps you go straight to that part of your mind--your higher mind--that knows without a shadow of a doubt how much is possible for you. And once you plug into that, well, the sky's the limit!

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