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The number 11 and september 11, 2001
the "day of infamy"

by Angelli Mansfield

The moment I heard the news, "Somebody just crashed an airplane into the World Trade Center!", I noticed the date: 9-11-2001. Being a numerologist I am almost compulsively looking at numbers and calculating words in my head. Car license plates tease me and I can never look at one of those stock market ticker tapes... Not that I fully understand what every number combination "means", but numbers just 'call' me and I can't help but try to hear their messages. For the last 5 years or so I have daily received email asking me about various number combinations and especially repeated "Master Number" occurrences. The most popular question is usually about repeated 11 or 11:11 on the digital clock. My answer up to now has been to give the general meaning of 11 - Found in my FAQ after having written the same answer over and over again - and that the repetition of any number is a 'wake up' call to pay attention to that number's meaning/message. Most repeated numbers are very subjective and have a special meaning to the person receiving them so it's difficult to fully answer the "why" for someone else. This is all true, however, after researching the numbers around this bewildering event, I have begun to wonder if those of us who are usually 'nudged' by all of those 11's everywhere we look, weren't actually psychically picking up some messages about the events that have obviously been brewing for some time now. The tragic events that took place on September 11, 2001 were born, detailed, communicated, scheduled and worked on, researched, sacrificed for and justified through faith, long before ever exploding onto the World stage, leaving emotional, physical and spiritual carnage for all of us to sort through in our own way. How we do that as a Human Race, a country and each of us individually, within our hearts, will determine how the next stage is set for us and for the world.

The number 11 figures so prominently in this event that I have compiled a partial list of over 74 items related to the tragedy that have Master Number 11 as a Core number and over 100 words in total that strongly feature the number 11 to show the 'theme' that "flavors" number 11 in all areas of life.

As in all manifestations of energy, all numbers consist of a positive to negative polarity with many points of variation in between. On the positive end of the spectrum are the traits that describe the highest possible manifestation of a thing and on the negative end of the spectrum are the traits that describe the lowest possible reaches. Another way of looking at it is that the positive end exhibits qualities of light, fast, pure, unadulterated, untainted, higher consciousness, transparent ‘essence’ of a vibration (number), while the negative end exhibits qualities of dense, heavy, muddied, congested, fear-ridden, lower consciousness, self-defensive, opaque 'false face' of vibration. Each consciousness falls somewhere in-between and if we are consciously on a spiritual path (all are on the spiritual path towards refining and purifying their vibrations but some just don’t realize or accept it yet..) our lives are about clearing out and purifying our vibrations so that we can be as close to our true essence and as pure an expression of Source Energy (God) as possible. Each of us has the potential (and job) to channel Heaven to Earth.

Master Numbers are highly charged and because of their faster vibration, they are often seen in arenas that require great responsibility or finesse in an art form or a skill. As you can see in the table of items with the master Number 11, this number is found among terms relating to leadership, religion, politics and matters of high impact the world over.

In it's purest form, and at it's most esoteric, Master Number 11 stands for *healing the fallen nature*. Spiritual Healing is the natural remedy for the fallen nature of "mankind" and number 11 represents the kind of mental, emotional and physical state that it will take to raise consciousness to it's highest (Holy) level. In the tarot, Key 11 is called "Force" (11) or "Strength" which also means "Shakti" (23) in the tantric tradition. Healing the Fallen Nature also means subduing the animal nature by the strength of innocence, faith, purity, beauty, goodness, love and affection. On the tarot Key 11 is a depiction of a Woman opening and closing the jaws of an angry Lion (23) without effort. She is the symbol of Force Spiritualized - the magnetic and feminine forces of nature; the calm, tolerant, steadfast, patient, inner, psychic, refined nature of Female (the feminine aspect of both sexes) which is able to transform the aggressive, action oriented, forceful, competitive, critical, egocentric, "attacking", will-full currents of masculine polarity - by 'her' affectionate and absorbing nature. She is "the Beauty that tames the Beast".

If "Men are From Mars" and "Women are From Venus", then the Spiritualized Being is from Neptune - a higher octave of Venus signifying Spiritual Love or Unconditional Love. I am not writing a feminist article here, but it is important (dire) that humanity begins to consciously swim "with" the prevailing tide or else continue to be battered against the rocks. The tide has been ebbing (back) toward a more natural, feminine, maternal(23) manifestation of God-dess Love. The turn of the Millennium has shifted our Collective Consciousness from a masculine *1* ruled paradigm to a feminine *2* paradigm. That means that the Creatrix, the Mother (11 Soul Urge) aspect of Source is illuminating all of the areas that are fighting Her embrace. Light shines upon darkness and reveals the cause of the obstruction. Usually nobody likes to be "caught" doing what they do in the shadows... So, we can be assured that we will see the response to this new kind of Light(11) as time goes on.

The difference between *Man* and *Woman* is 11 (wo=5+6=11)

The difference between *Male* and *Female* is 11 (fe=6+5=11)

The difference between *God* and *Goddess* is 11 (dess=4+5+1+1=11)

The difference between *Man* and *Human* is 11 (hu=8+3=11)

What do you think that is telling us?

The Master Number 11 has a lower manifestation as well. The naturally psychic(11) 11/2 has an evolved ability to receive information in the form of mental images from others - thereby keeping abreast of the inner state, fears and wishes of those around them (which is an excellent gift to have in the case of a counselor or a teacher - a trusted authority). They also have the evolved ability to send information in the form of mental images to those around them and those who are looking to them for guidance. The positive AND negative 11 can impress deliberate thought-forms upon the minds of others, using imagination to convince others of a particular 'reality'. You can imagine what this kind of power can do in the hands of an unethical person... Corrupt or fanatical Leaders (political and religious) throughout history have profited from false prophesy, misguidance and misunderstanding (ADOLPH HITLER 65/11 Expression).

As I said earlier, the natural remedy is Spiritual Healing, as a planet, as a race, as a nation, as a family and as an individual. Spiritual Healing and right use of 11 is achieved not by suppressing or killing the animal nature, but by diverting it from animal expression into purely constructive channels that benefit others instead of just the self. As Dannion Brinkley says, "If God couldn't make it and sent You in His place, what would you do?". I have heard it said that "Life is Spiritual death". Spiritual Healing is merging the physical and the Spiritual into total-beingness, becoming a whole person and from this wholeness, acting in God's behalf. When this occurs (enlightenment), one realizes that there is no religion that can fully encompass what you have now become. This is Natural Spirituality, implicit religion. It's the state of Being where all humans can meet and agree and no dogma is worth killing or dying for.

The Numerology Calculator by John Kostura of 2near The Edge is a wonderful tool for quick numbering - especially for words and phrases! It also figures the Chaldean numbers for you (I use the Pythagorean method). This tool has saved me countless hours of time and I appreciate his free gift very much!! Please visit his site to see more of his wonderful offerings.

Partial list of related items with Number 11 Figured Prominently

It's interesting to note that seemingly opposite words - positive words and negative words can share the same number, however, remember that all things fall somewhere along the line of polarity and also that words that share the same Soul Urge (motivation/desire) don't necessarily share the same Expression or Personality numbers. Each thing, every person has an Expression which is the product of their unique Soul Urge (motivation) plus Personality (outer physical expression and action). Also note the double digits behind the 11 total - every number makes a difference, but the sameness is what we're looking for.

September 11 (9-11 equals 11)
254th day of the year: 2 + 5 + 4 = 11
111 days left to the end of the year
Twin Towers looks like the number 11
Flight 11 - 92 on board - 9 + 2 = 11
Flight 175 - 65 on board - 6 + 5 = 11
New York City - 11 Letters
The Pentagon - 11 Letters
Pennsylvania - 11 Letters
Afghanistan - 11 Letters
State of New York 11th state added to the Union

11 Expression

DAY OF INFAMY 56/11 Expression
MANHATTAN 29/11 Expression
WASHINGTON DC 56/11 Expression
FLORIDA 38/11 Expression
AMERICANS 38/11 Expression
PENTAGON 38/11 Expression
HIJACKER 38/11 Expression
FORCE 29/11 Expression 11 Soul Urge
ATTACK 11 Expression
FIRE 29/11 Expression
WEAPON 29 Expression
BOX CUTTER 38/11 Expression
IRON 29 Expression
NUCLEAR 29/11 Expression
SCUD 11 Expression
PRESIDENT 47/11 Expression
MARTIAL LAW 38/11 Expression
HOSTILITY 47/11Expression
SELF RIGHTEOUS 65/11 Expression
FORCE 29/11 Expression 11 Soul Urge
HATE CRIMES 47/11 Expression

11 Soul Urge

NEW YORK 11 Soul Urge
FEDERAL 11 Soul Urge
TERROR 11 Soul Urge, 29 /11 Personality
CONGRESS 11 Soul Urge
SOVIET UNION 38/11 Soul Urge
LESSON 11 Soul Urge
INDEPENDENCE 29/11 Soul Urge
LEADER 11 Soul Urge
FORCE 11 Soul Urge

11 Personality

TWIN TOWERS 29 Personality
UNITED 11 Personality
REPUBLICAN 29/11 Personality
RUSSIA 11 Personality
SEPTEMBER ELEVENTH 47/11 Personality
COLIN POWELL 29/11 Personality
MASTERMIND 29/11 Personality
US PRESIDENT 29/11 Personality

**Middle Eastern correlation's are not intended to insinuate a connection with the crime - only an interesting predominance of the number 11 in the Middle East and among it's leadership.**

On September 11, 1996 the Taliban captured Jalalabad the eastern city bordering Pakistan and on 27 September 1996 they captured Kabul, Afghanistan ousting the government.

11 Expression

OSAMA BIN LADEN 47/11 Expression
SADDAM HUSSEIN 47/11 Expression
MOAMMAR GADHAFI 65/11 Expression
MIDDLE EAST 38/11 Expression
SHARIA (Islamic law) 29/11 Expression
KABUL 11 Expression
PALESTINE 38/11 Expression
NAFEZ AZZAM 47/11 Expression
PERSIANS 38/11 Expression
JEWISH 29/11 Expression
JEW 11 Expression
PERSIAN GULF 56/11 Expression

11 Soul Urge

TALIBAN 11 Soul Urge
AL JIHAD 11 Soul Urge
SHARIA (Islamic law) 11 Soul Urge
PAKISTAN 11 Soul Urge

11 Personality

ISLAMIC 11 Personality
PERSIAN GULF 38/11 Personality

Other 11's for comparison

11 Expression

LIGHT 29/11 Expression
ENLIGHTENMENT 65/11 Expression
PSYCHIC 38/11 Expression
MENTAL IMAGES 47/11 Expression
LOVE OF GOD 47/11 Expression
EMBRACE 29/11 Expression
ENTICE 29/11 Expression
JESUS 11 Expression
LUCIFER 38/11 Expression
RELIGIOUS DOGMA 74/11 Expression
FRIEND 38/11 Expression
DRUG WAR 38/11 Expression
OPIUM 29/11 Expression 11 Personality
VIBRATION 47/11 Expression
TRAVELER 38/11 Expression 11 Soul Urge
MANDITORY 47/11 Expression
UNITED KINGDOM 65/11 Expression
AFRICA 29/11 Expression 11 Soul Urge
RICH 29/11 Expression
SIMPLE 29/11 Expression
BULL 11 Expression
CLARIFY 38/11 Expression
ILLUSTRATE 38/11 Expression
CHRISTIAN 47/11 Expression
MULTIPLY 38/11 Expression
NEGATIVE 38/11 Expression
TRANSCENDENT 47/11 Expression
TRADITION 47/11 Expression
NUMBERQUEST 47/11 Expression

11 Soul Urge

MOTHER 11 Soul Urge
EMBRACE 29/11 Soul Urge
EAGLE 11 Soul Urge
HEAVEN 11 Soul Urge
NEW AGE 11 Soul Urge
ATLANTIS 11 Soul Urge
GOOD 11 Soul Urge
ROSE 11 Soul Urge
PEACE 11 Soul Urge
HONEST 11 Soul Urge
LOVE 11 Soul Urge
HAPPINESS 29/11 Soul Urge
RESOLUTION 29/11 Soul Urge
RELIGION 29/11 Soul Urge
AFRICA 29/11 Expression 11 Soul Urge
GODDESS 11 Soul Urge
FEMALE 11 Soul Urge
MONEY 11 Soul Urge
TEASE 11 Soul Urge
OPEN 11 Soul Urge
ETERNAL 11 Soul Urge
POSITIVE 29/11 Soul Urge
HOPE 11 Soul Urge
POWER 11 Soul Urge
PROPHESY 11 Soul Urge

11 Personality

HOLY 11 Personality
GOD 11 Personality
DEVIL 11 Personality
SHARK ATTACK 29/11 Personality
OPIUM 29/11 Expression 11 Personality
COCAINE 11 Personality
HUNGER 29/11 Personality
EXALT 11 Personality
ISLAMIC 11 Personality
ARAB 11 Personality
CLOUDS 11 Personality
SERAPHIM 29/11 Personality
RESURRECTION 38/11 Personality
UNIFY 11 Personality
WIFE 11 Personality
CONSTRUCTIVE 29/11 Personality
CORRUPT LEADERS 47/11 Personality
MISUNDERSTANDING 47/11 Personality

Partial list of related items with Number 23 and 5 Figured Prominently

9-11-2001 = 23/5
Flight 77

5 Expression

WOUND 23/5 Expression
RIGHTEOUS 50/5 23/5 Soul Urge
FIGHT 32/5 Expression 23/5 Personality
AMERICA 32/5 Expression
DIRE EMERGENCY 77/14/5 Expr.
SNEAK 14/5 Expression
USA 5 Expression

5 Soul Urge

RIGHTEOUS 50/5 23/5 Soul Urge
UNITED STATES 23/5 Soul Urge
LOVE OF GOD 23/5 Soul Urge

5 Personality

HIJACKER 23/5 Personality
FREEDOM 23/5 Personality
FIGHT 32/5 Expression

**Middle Eastern correlation's are not intended to insinuate a connection with the crime - only an interesting predominance of the number 5 in the Middle East and among it's leadership.**

5 Expression

TALIBAN "the Seekers" 23/5 Expression
FATWAH 23/5 Expression
AL QAEDA 23/5 Expression
MADRASSAS (graduates of Pakistani Islamic colleges) 23/5 Expression
JIHAD 23/5 Expression

5 Soul Urge

OSAMA BIN LADEN 23/5 Soul Urge

5 Personality

PERSIANS 23/5 Personality
HOLY LAND 23/5 Personality
FIGHT 23/5 Personality

Other 5's for comparison 5 Expression

SHARK ATTACK 32/5 (shark attacks were recently reported along eastern shores)
DRUG 23/5 Expression
MEDIA 23/5 Expression
LIARS 23/5 Expression
GOOD 23/5 Expression
LAS VEGAS 23/5 Expression
MORAL 23/5 Expression
OPEN 23/5 Expression
LION 23/5 Expression
SHAKTI 23/5 Expression
JUDAISM 23/5 Expression

5 Soul Urge

PEACE ON EARTH 23/5 Soul Urge
DIVINE 23/5 Soul Urge
MANDITORY 23/5 Soul Urge
COOPERATE 23/5 Soul Urge
VIRILE 23/5 Soul Urge

5 Personality

GLAMOUR 23/5 Personality
OIL PRICES 23/5 Personality
OIL COMPANIES 23/5 Personality
DEMOCRACY 23/5 Personality
NUMBING 23/5 Personality
PROSTITUTE 23/5 Personality
CHRIST 23/5 Personality
FRACTAL 23/5 Personality
CREATOR 23/5 Personality
TRADITIONS 23/5 Personality
MATERNAL 23/5 Personality
MOTHER 23/5 Personality
ABRAHAM 23/5 Personality
IMAGINATION 23/5 Personality

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