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September 9, 1999 "9999"

by Angelli Mansfield

September 9, 1999 is a most magical day! Contrary to those who would tell you to be in fear - that the computers will shut down etc... I see this as a day of great peace and protection! I see those 9999s all lined up with their higher faculties open, heads bowed, like a row of angels creating a protective wall of higher Love. The vibration of 9 is like the archangel Michael, he wields a sword of power but uses it only for carrying out the will of God. He uses it to separate truth from untruth and Light from 'blocked-Light'. 9 does not create change to create chaos. The change related to 9 is that which we know, inside, we are through with - 'it's time' - and it only hurts when we refuse to move into our new beginning. There is great liberation connected with 9. Freedom, relief, letting that breath you've been holding in, out. 9 will add to any other number and allow that number to keep center stage. It is a supporter and a selfless friend to that other number, assisting it to grow and evolve into itself at a higher stage.

Today (September 9th) is the only 9999 you will experience in this life. It is a day where the universe says, 'Ok, today is just for you. We are here in full support of you and you will have the support of our quadrupled power towards being who you are completely." The multiple 9s will blend with each of our personal vibrations; our name, birthday and Cycle vibrations, and invisibly add their power to raise our vibrations higher than they could ordinarily go on their own. This means that most of us will feel GOOD! Many things will finally iron out, arrive, breakthrough and release. Now, the exercise for all of us is to USE this energy deliberately - for good. It will be easy to float off into the stillness, but inherent in this energy is the knowing that there is 'work to be done' and more than that, 'clarity' to be sought. Today can be like an open window - blinds opening.. If we find a quiet place inside, we can more easily determine what it is we really want out of life and what we want to give life in return.

Ok, now for the really esoteric stuff!

The 'power' in this day (or any other day) has nothing to do with 'reality'! Our Julian calendar isinaccurate - a man-made construct that we have all agreed to follow. So the power behind this day is in the fact that we are all looking at those numbers together, all agreeing that this is 9999 and of course, all of our computerized world is 'programmed' according to these agreed upon numbers and on and on. The power of vibration (number/word) is due to the 'consciousness' of it and our vibrational response to it. As you may have experienced on the internet already, there is something about computers that 'amplifies' energy. There is great power in sending word-vibrations out over the internet. Think for a moment of how all of these intensified vibrations, of every color of the rainbow, are being sent out like lighting-fast laser beams, darting at light-speed, creating a cacophony of energy which would probably look something like a 'web' if we could see that microscopically. All of the energies of the world do this dance as well but it is enormously amplified in the electronic city (the internet). As these energies compound and multiply and divide faster than we can even imagine, our energy sensitive bodies attempt to acclimate and harmonize with what's around us. We are made to be able to accept and harmonize with new energies indefinitely, but all of our 'holding on', resistance to changes, fear-based plans etc.. create a sort of 'opacity' or density to our energy fields which in turn causes our bodies to hold stress, which accumulates into aging and illness. Our natural state is that of 'well being' and anything less is a stressful state of resisting the flow. This is why the words 'release', 'relief', 'ease' and 'ahhhh' give us a feeling of coming 'home' to our natural state. 9 is the vibration of 'letting go', of 'relief', 'ease' and 'ahhhh' IF we can reach a place of being at peace with ourselves, because 9 is the Great Holy Mirror which reflects 'us' back to 'us' and any resistance to who, how and what we are will understandably cause discomfort when it is powerfully mirrored back to us.

I look at this whole year as being about these things - with the triple 9 shining on us - revealing and dissolving of all our resistance's. You can visually see it as if we're all moving into the 'light' as the 'near death' experiencers describe it. Each day we are living a different quality of this journey; 1 1 1 9 9 9 is the unique quality we all experienced on Jan. 1, 1999 and 9 9 1 9 9 9 is the unique vibration we are all experiencing today, September 9, 1999.

Now, I'm not saying there won't be trip ups all over the world. Each being (including animal) gets to acclimate, harmonize and in turn, evolve though the meeting and merging with each new energy. Anything within us that is not perfectly aligned with each new energy will experience some conflicts in life - large or small depending on us and what we are resisting. If we did not experience this, we would most likely dead - having no good reason to play here any longer. So I am neither painting a picture of total ease and well-being or of hardship and chaos. We will each react - as we according to our own vibration.

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