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Law of Attraction: Abraham-Hicks Deliberate Creation Processes: Segment Intending & Pivoting
by Connee Chandler

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Segment Intending & Pivoting

by Connee Chandler

"When your thought is in sync with that which comes forth from within, doors will open -- and everything that is action-oriented will be smooth-flowing and easy for you." Abraham-Hicks calendar, page 381

Segment Intending and Pivoting go in one class because they are the backbone processes to help you take charge of what you are thinking. Here's how the Abraham-Hicks calendar, page 381, defines pivoting:

"Pivot -- To consciously change the direction of one's thought. To deliberately choose a thought that is in vibrational harmony with one's desire."

In order to understand the importance of pivoting when we have a negative thought (other than that it just FEELS BETTER,) it helps to explore what Abraham has taught about our guidance system.

Guidance System and Pivoting

Abe teaches that negative thoughts generate negative emotions. Any negative emotion is a message from your Inner Being that you are thinking a negative thought. When you are thinking a negative thought, it is starting the ball rolling toward a negative outcome in your life. Your Inner Being uses the negative emotion to signal you that it is time to change the thought you are thinking.

It is much easier to monitor your emotions than it is to monitor your thoughts. We have way too many thoughts, and many of them are so habitual, it is hard for us to even catch them on the way through. It just feels normal to think negatively, we have been doing it for so long. And I am motivated to change the thoughts by knowing it will make me feel better rather than worse.

In order to lessen negative emotion in our lives, we first learn to find the thoughts that are causing the fear, anger or frustration and get better at changing the thoughts, so the thoughts come up less and less often and you feel good more and more often. This is the crux of pivoting.

John McCurdy (a wonderful metaphysical teacher on the Abraham List) came up with a saying that really jelled the concept for me - "If I am feeling negative emotion, I am thinking something that isn't true. Period."

If you have followed negative thoughts into a really bad place, so you are deep into pain, it is hard to pivot. At that point, Abe says it is best to just go to sleep, see a movie, read a book, swim, walk, fantasize about sex or distract yourself in some way so that you get back to your feel good state.

Then from that feel good state, when you have the first twinge of negative emotion, now, THAT is the time to jump on it, and really notice the thought that is playing at the moment... to read the rest of this UPlifting article, click here

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