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Law of Attraction: Abraham-Hicks Deliberate Creation Processes: The Why Game
by Connee Chandler

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The Why Game

by Connee Chandler

"When you start adding the "whys" to what you want, then you really begin to vibrate in concert with that which you are, and when you begin to vibrate in concert with that which you are, oceans part and mountains move, and people come out the woodwork to accommodate you.

Abraham-Hicks Daily Planning Calendar, p. 35.

"When you talk about what you want and why you want it, it always brings you to your center. It always brings you to the vibration of your Core, and when you vibrate in harmony with that which is the Core of you, then you have the perspective of your Inner Being.

As you start talking about why you want to be over there, you'll vibrate as if you are over there. Then your vibration in your Now is that point of attraction, and over there comes here where you are and becomes your physical awareness.

Abraham-Hicks Daily Planning Calendar, p. 409.

I have never heard Abraham talk specifically about this powerful process by calling it "the Why Game." I learned it with that name from Andy Harrington, the former list owner of the Abraham-Hicks mailing list, who said he learned it years ago from Abraham. Yet, if you look at the Abraham-Hicks Daily Planning Calendar, the back side of the pages for the first 512 pages, which we generally refer to as Place Mat process, actually are "The Why Game." Place Matting is not described until page 514.

On the calendar for over 500 pages, the back side says to make a list of "Things I Intent to Do Today, and Things I Intend to Be, Do & Have." And then on every one of these pages, it asks you at the bottom to answer the question, "Why do I want it?... I want it because..."

The Why Game process is just to write down what you want, and then to also write down all the reasons why you want it. Abraham says it is easier to come to the feeling place if you ask why. If you ask how - you always muck up your vibration. But if you ask why, you get clearer and clearer on the feeling place.... to read the rest of this UPlifting article, click here

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