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Law of Attraction: Positive Songs: Sunshine Radio

I have been adding lots of new Law of Attraction audio, video, imagery and positive mp3 songs to the Sunshine mix lately and I had the idea - after realizing that so many of us had the brilliant idea to keep the Abraham or LOA quotes up on our screen all day - (for that re-freshing dose of positivity) - that it might be cool to put an mp3 player here with all of the positive, upliting songs that I've collected. You can click on the songs you want to hear, or if you just start somewhere, they will play in order and then loop so you could potentially have good-feeling music playing all day! Maybe we'll call it Sunshine Radio!

Click the "play" arrow on the music player to begin>

This text will be replaced by the flash music player.

Make sure that you have at least Flashplayer 7.
If not, you can download it from here for free:

Have you seen the movie, The Secret? Well Pass It On is something like it's sequal! If you click on the banner below to go to the site, then click on "Pass it on" in the upper left corner, you will be able to watch it's brand new trailer there! It's cool!

Click here to bask in 17 Seconds of Abraham-Hicks Positive Perspectives! Law of Attraction Quotes

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