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Law of Attraction: Abraham-Hicks Deliberate Creation Processes: Three Appreciation Games
by Connee Chandler

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Three Appreciation Games

by Connee Chandler

Begin by making a list of 10 things you love. As you do it, notice how you feel. It may serve as a graphic demonstration of the joys of "The Appreciation Games," our first topic. I think it is wonderful to spend time in contemplation of all that you appreciate in your life, and to share in the results of our thoughts of what we appreciate.

Abraham says that appreciation is the highest vibration we know. What we call "being in love" includes also the vibration of yearning, and is not pure. But when you appreciate, you automatically allow your vibration to return to the high, fast vibration of your core. If you tried writing the list of 10 things you love, I bet you clearly demonstrated the upswelling of joy caused by writing a letter of appreciation.

So that is the first of the three promised appreciation games.

The second is "What do I like about this?" Abraham tells the story of the man in his car who invented the game when he was stuck in traffic. He said it was very easy to notice what he didn`t like about that. So he determinedly decided to notice what he did like about it. That his car was reliable and comfortable and his air conditioning was great even though it was warm outside. That his car phone gave him access to the outside world. That he had an off button on his car phone that allowed him to shut out the outside world! That there was a very pretty girl in the next car, and he`d been beside her for a long time. He really liked that!

My experience with "What do I like about this?" is to incorporate it in any part of my day, whether I was actively liking the day, or not. Just the activity of basking in my appreciation of what is going on, enhances my awareness and makes me more mindful of how good my life is and how much I love so much of what is in my experience. In the grocery store, I can like the abundance of healthful, inexpensive, beautifully prepared and presented food. I can like the cheerful staff, and compliment them on how much I like to shop there. I can appreciate the cleanliness of the store, and how they carry my favorite brands. I can like that I have the money to put one of these and one of those and several of these in my basket. I can notice my basket is moving gracefully about the store before me, making it simple for me to carry all the wonderful food I am wanting to buy. I can like that I have a reliable car to get me to and from the store, and that the store provides nice men to bag my groceries and put them in my trunk.

In every moment there is at least that much, and probably much more, to like, if we look for what we like about this. And of course, Law of Attraction gives us more of what we like to notice, just as soon as we put our focus there!.... to read the rest of this UPlifting article, click here

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