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Law of Attraction: Abraham-Hicks Law of Attraction Articles: Life Is Supposed To Feel Good
by Abraham-Hicks

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Life Is Supposed To Feel Good
by Abraham-Hicks

You would never be discouraged if you knew, as we do, that anything you want must be, and that all you have to do is line up with it. You would never be discouraged if you knew, as we do, that when contrast causes you to clarify a desire, that, in the moment of that clarification, even if you donít speak words about it, Source immediately says yes to that desire and becomes one with that desire. So, there is no possibility whatsoever anywhere in this Universe that your desire is not being answered in the moment that you give birth to it. But if you donít know that, if youíre still looking at the gap between your realization that you want it and your realization of the manifestation of it, then, because you have forgotten that itís going to happen for sure, we can see how you might get discouraged.

Feel the difference between something that you want that you know you can achieve, and how exhilarating that is, and something that you want that you feel powerless to achieve. And what weíre wanting you to understand, is: You need not ever again feel powerless about the achieving of anythingó because when you ask, it is given, every single time.

There is no such thing as something that is incurable; there is no such thing as something that is impossible. Thereís only vibrational discord with the wellness; thatís what illness is. Thereís only vibrational discord with abundance; thatís what poverty is. Thereís only vibrational discord with clarity; thatís what confusion is.

You have Guidance within you that will help you to quantify your journeys. And so, you can tell (if you care about how you feel) whether youíre marching, marching, marching towards something that youíre going to like when you gets there. People will say, ďAbraham, it came out of the blue!Ē And we say, hardly. Youíve been beating that drum for a long, long time. And you say, ďNo, I havenít. I havenít been thinking about that. I didnít think about the specifics of this terrible thing that happened to me.Ē And we say: You thought about enough things that were a vibrational equivalent to this powerlessness that you are feeling (or to this rage that you are feeling) that you activated a vibration that kept you from going in the direction of what you want, and, in fact, took you directly to what you do not want.

When you are feeling ornery, ornery, ornery, ornery, ornery, ornery, you canít end up in Happyville. Itís on a different path, you see. When you are frustrated, frustrated, frustrated, frustrated, frustrated, everywhere you go, things that are frustrating in nature are there waiting for you. They are waiting for you with open arms. ďYou planned us,Ē they say. ďYou prepared us. You called us from the ethers.Ē And the Universe and Law of Attraction goes to great trouble (itís really no trouble at all; itís just a natural consequence of the Laws of the Universe). Law of Attraction (that which is like unto itself is drawn) will meet you around every corner with the essence of your vibrational nature. Itís everywhere you go. Thatís what we mean when we say: you take yourself with you... to read the rest of this UPlifting article, click here

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©Abraham-Hicks Publications.

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