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Law of Attraction: Abraham-Hicks Law of Attraction Articles: Make Peace with Where You Are
by Abraham-Hicks

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Make Peace with Where You Are
by Abraham-Hicks

Are you knowing what you are wanting? An evolving thing? Are you enjoying the expansion of your desire? And are you noticing that it is expanding?

As you begin to recognize that you get to decide all of it, and as you begin to appreciate the contrast that makes deciding or concluding, or preferring, more obvious, then you begin to sincerely enjoy the contrast.

We always begin by asking: Those manifestations that have not yet come about are still pleasing to you, yes? And some lie and say yes, others say no, but we want you to come to the place where you say yes and really mean it. "Yes, there are things that I want that have not come into manifestation yet. There are things I want that I can't even see any way of them happening—but they are still refreshing and delightful to me. I still feel anticipation. I still feel encouraged. They still feel fresh and good to me." And we want that for you.

We want your unfulfilled desires to feel good to you, because, well, there are two reasons: If you cannot make peace with where you are, then the unfulfilled desires are very slow in becoming fulfilled because that angst you feel about things not yet happening, is an indication of a vibration that's literally holding it apart, from you.

So, when you're sick and you want to be well, and you've been sick for a long time and it doesn't seem like you're getting better, or when you have one of those diagnoses that says you're probably not going to get better, and so, instead of feeling hopeful, you feel fearful— improvement is very hard to come. In fact, it cannot come under those conditions.

The vibrational difference between feeling hopeful and feeling fearful is the difference between getting well and not getting well. It's the difference between holding this condition on and on and on, or letting it go.

So, in the same way, we say, your current financial affairs could be not good. You could have more bills than you have income. You could have people hounding you on the telephone or beating on your door every day… And we say, so that's what-is; that's the action journey that you are upon. But you could have that financial condition percolating along and you could feel hopeful, or, you could have that condition percolating along and you could feel fearful. And the difference between fearful and hopeful is the difference between things improving for you.

This is a Vibrational Universe and you are Vibrational Beings. You don't set your radio dial on 630 AM and expect to hear what's being broadcast on 98.6 FM. You understand you've got to line those frequencies up, and so you do. You don't stubbornly set it on the station that you don't want to hear and then demand that the laws of physics change so that you can hear it anyway, without you doing anything about it… You can't be beating the drum of things gone wrong—and offering a vibration about things going wrong—and be in the vibrational place of receiving what you are wanting.

Make peace with wherever you stand. And here's the most important part: When you feel despair, or anything that doesn't feel good, and you reach for a thought that feels better, what comes right along with that is a conscious awareness that you do have some control of your experience. And friends, we cannot emphasize enough the importance of that conscious awareness that you can do something about the way you feel... to read the rest of this UPlifting article, click here

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©Abraham-Hicks Publications.

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