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Celestial Fire Visualization

by Paula Sirois

I would like to ask you to join me in a circle of healing prayer.

I ask that each of you come to this circle at a pace that is in perfect tune with your heart, bringing with you a vision of yourself aligned with the ONE Source of your power, radiating your DIVINE essence, and in conscious attunement with the TRUTH of one one heart, one body, ONE LOVE.

As the circle establishes a steady rhythm of its own, created by the heartbeat of the ONE LOVE that we breathe together in unison, I would ask that we gently remove our fears and worries from the bodies we wear and cast them into the Center of the Circle....for this is Divine kindling for the Fire of Transformation.

The blazing fire that rises before us invites us to gaze at the sacred face of the eternal mysteries, where understanding is not only known but fully felt. Glowing embers, the only remnants of our darkest fears, now send sparks of every hue to the heavens. We look up, in a timeless moment of absolute surrender to beauty, for we are transfixed by the endless pulsations that move across a brilliant canopy of stars in an infinite sky.

The music of the heavens is resounding in resonance with the recognition that as we at last release our fears to the wind, they dissipate and dissolve...never to take root in our hearts again. And as we ride this wave of celestial bliss, we are suddenly overwhelmed with the clear light that is illuminating every cell of every body contained within the circle, and every One is an essential part of the One body that we share.

We then bring to the One heart of the circle the concerns of those in our personal lives, those we know well, those we do not, and we invite the magic of alchemy to transmute the shadows that we throw into the fire.

Together we are Knowing the dramatic effects of joy freely expressed as it transforms the lives of all we touch. We have come here to strengthen our images of beauty and freedom and gratitude, and we notice that with every peaceful breath we take, the circle pulsates with the shimmering life force that we have summoned.

Now, as we observe the limp ashes that were once the deepest shadows of our own darkest fears, we recognize that they had no power of their own but that which we breathed into them. Having tossed them into the Fire of Transformation, we emerge reborn to ourselves, reborn as the joy that once was a vision that we brought to the circle. Now we live that vision. Now we are that love. And we walk through every tomorrow, remembering what our hearts have always known.

Copyright Paula Sirois.
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