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Light Visualization

by Paula Sirois

Find a quiet and comfortable place to sit, where you can be removed from the distractions of your physical environment for approximately fifteen to twenty minutes. Close your eyes, and become aware of the ceaseless rhythm of your breath. Notice that as you inhale, you are absorbing vital energy that is abundant throughout our universe. Recognize that you have continual access to this energy through your breath. As you exhale, allow yourself to release old patterns of thought that are weighing you down and no longer serving your highest intentions for absolute well-being.

Through your thoughts and intentions, you directly affect and create your reality. You are now living in a world that you have created from all your thoughts and beliefs up to now. Begin today, in this moment, to consciously create a world of a higher order, rather than allowing subconscious thoughts to continue to mold your world. By taking the time to become centered in this way, even for as little as several minutes every few hours, you allow yourself to powerfully attune to your deepest wants and help bring about their manifestation. 

By cultivating an awareness of your mental states and their attendant energy levels, you can nurture the realization of these core desires into being. The relationship between one's mental constructs and the physical world is gradually being accepted into Western thought. The interrelationship of all forms of energy is no longer an obscure notion held exclusively by mystics. Quantum physics is continually confirming what mystics have long held to, which is that the observer is in an active relationship with what is observed and, therefore, directly affects what is perceived as reality.

Now return your attention to the breath, the most direct connection to your conscious self. Imagine yourself basking in a luminescent shower of light particles. These shimmering particles are charged with healing energy and, as they pass over your skin, they are cleansing and purifying your magnetic field. This is no imaginary journey. This is a demonstration of the power of your mind to alter the chemical balance of the physical body. Feel your heart's radiance becoming stronger, clearer, brighter. Allow that feeling to intensify for a few moments. Feel the room filling up with this vast energy. Now, drawing on the creative power of your gift of inner vision, allow the brilliance of this healing light to flood your surroundings.

Try to remember the last time you felt comfortable around food...and completely at peace with your body. Feel that sense of well-being suffusing every cell. Energize this sensation so that it becomes alive in this moment, rather than being a memory. Expand the feeling to a palpable level, so that you are bathing lavishly in the absolute joy of this magnificent healing experience.

Now think of the core desire that you have in your heart and on your mind today. Bring this desire into the brilliance of the light you have summoned. See and feel all challenges and any perceived obstacles resolving and dissolving, as fears, worries, and concerns are literally transformed by the power of your intent. Become completely attuned to the feeling associated with this actual resolution of the issue. Soak up the potency of this moment, and set forth your pure intention to carry this feeling with you throughout your day.

Take a moment to express your gratitude to the Universe for its
assistance in allowing you to come to this point of absolute power. Allow yourself to fully experience the flawless resolution of this issue. Sense, with your conscious awareness, the pervasive gratitude that reaches to the deepest levels of your being, permeating your every cell.

Accept that you are now drawing in more of these wonderful experiences -- or perhaps something even greater, that you have yet to fully envision.

You can now ask your higher self for guidance in choosing an image or symbol that represents the state of absolute harmony you are now experiencing. Take a minute to refine this symbol, making it even more beautiful. You can use this symbol at any time in the future, to fully recall the experience of this moment. Remember that the Universal Intelligence is handling all the details. Release all thought and concern for what you requested. Continue to bask in this warm, loving energy. You can return to this state each day, as often as you choose. And you will see the energy you experience here becoming increasingly apparent in your everyday life. You can expect to experience greater strength, beauty, joy, love, and peace, as you remember to draw this vital force into your life through your expanded awareness.

Now return your focus to the breath once more, and when you are ready, bring your awareness back to the room, and slowly open your eyes, bringing with you a dynamic feeling of glowing vitality.

Copyright Paula Sirois.
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