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Light Flight

by Paula Sirois

Close your eyes and gently blanket yourself with a sea of brilliant stars. With the point of your rapt attention, notice that as this white light surrounds you it suddenly breaks like delicate glass into a faceted rainbow of sparkling rays...See that every glowing hue is emitting explosive waves of endless love that suffuse you with incomparable joy.

Notice that fears cannot subsist in this soothing orb of tender light that caresses your soul and serves as a DIVINE source of nourishment, feeding your palpable strength and your wide knowing. You are floating now, lighter than air. Having released all concerns, feel how you are soaring with your dreams, ever higher. Your denser thoughts falling, falling, falling with ease and grace into the sea of shadows below...out of sight...out of your experience.. dissipating into the silence of the deeply distant darkness.

One color now calls to you from the shimmering sea, for it is an exquisite match to your vibration in this moment of pure knowing. Soak up the beautiful rays that rush into your body and flood your veins in this instant. Feel the circulating energy as it pulsates with vital life force. On a cellular level now, absorb this conscious light that saturates your understanding as it clears a path for forward motion. See yourself move with fluid grace into immediate resonance with the creation and manifestation of your highest dreams. FEEL your radiant body shimmering with vibrancy. Bask in this timeless moment.

With the highly refined faculties of your unlimited perception, direct this highly charged energy to your desired destination, and fill it like a balloon with power that is bursting forth from your heart's pure essence. Now with the incomparable fortitude of your radiant mind, pierce that balloon so that its contents instantly bathe the ethers. See how it is spilling your positive intentions for the clear manifestation of your heart's desire...simply allowing the Universe to magnify the attractive force of your clarity as it spirals in expansive delight and gratitude for your immense potential as a Creator.

Breathe into the supreme stillness of gratitude.

Relax into the magnitude of Universal beneficence.

Breathe in the peace that abounds in your heart.

Release the thoughts that do not serve your highest intentions.

Breathe in the understanding that dreams come true.

Exhale every last trace of resistance to your absolute power.

Breathe in the exhilarating bliss of your Divine Knowing.


Copyright Paula Sirois.
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