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Manifest Your Desires: A Virtual Workshop

by Rebbie Straubing

I love giving Joyful Manifestation workshops. Amazing things happen when you step into your magnificence and become more and more true to yourself.

Of course, not everyone can make it to a live session. That's why I’ve decided to write out a formula for a YOFA™ Joyful Manifestation Workshop that you can do wherever you are, whenever you like.


The only way to have a desire become manifest is for you to become as you would be once you have it.

Paradoxically, you must become it before you have it, in order to have it.

If there is anything you want that has not yet come into your experience, here\'s a process you can use to attract the joyful relationships, beautiful things, and satisfying experiences you seek.

You can use this process in the privacy of your own awareness or you can get together with one or more friends and have a YOFA(TM) manifestation party.

Sharing after each numbered segment can lead to greater insight. Also, the authentic conversation cultivated by these processes deepens friendships.


Find a comfortable place where you won\'t be disturbed for about 20 minutes. If you are doing this in a group, allow for more time for sharing and conversation -- about an hour depending on the size of the group.

Whether you are alone or in a group, you may want to journal your process as you go. A little notebook in your back pocket or your purse is always a good idea.

Approach each step with a contemplative spirit.

1 - Begin by considering the distinction between Being and Doing.

==> Close your eyes and consider how it feels to do something that you desire to do.

==> Open your eyes and stretch.

==> Close your eyes and consider how it feels to be someone who is expert at doing that same thing.

==> Feel that difference between doing and being and bring that distinction into your experiential vocabulary.

2 - Notice if your desire is to

==> do something

==> have something

==> or be something.

3 - Regardless of which category your desire falls into, imagine who you would be if your desire were fulfilled.

==> Close your eyes and consider how it feels. to be the person for whom that desire is reality.

==> Be that person.

4 - If you are happy with the feeling of that, revisit it often.

5 - Imagine that you ARE it.

6 - If you are in a group, talk to the others about any subject (your daily activities, what you’re making for dinner, where you’re going on vacation) as if your desire were already manifest.

7 - If you are alone, talk to imaginary people or write from this reality.

8 - If you feel any static while pondering this desire as already fulfilled, tweak it until it feels good.

9 - Meditate on this person who you are morphing into.

10 - Modify it if necessary.

11 - Like a whittler, keep carving, perfecting, and purifying your notion of your desire.

==> The idea here is not to change your desire, but to discover the true nature of the desire of your heart and come into greater awareness of it.

12 - Continue to be who you would be if that evolving desire became manifest right now.

13 - Do this as often as is fun.

14 - Close your session with gratitude for the coming realization and fulfillment of your heart\'s desire.

This basic format will take you far. Do it with sincerity and compassion for yourself. Make it fun and let it be easy.

The better it feels as you do this process, the happier you will be with your manifestation.

© 2005 Rebbie Straubing All Rights Reserved

You can receive Dr. Rebbie Straubing's Free e-Course, 7 Secrets for Manifesting Your Heart\'s Desire, at

About the Author

Rebbie is a workshop leader, Abraham Coach, and writer.

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