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Inspirational Poems: The Whispering Angels
by Patty Deloury

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Inspirational Poems: The Whispering Angels
by Patty Deloury

Long ago in a beautiful land, Our Heavenly Father shared his plan.

He called his angels together to pray, He had great news for them that day.

The Lord created girls and boys, and they were now His greatest joys.

He was ready to place them on earth, and so prepared them for their birth.

Each one is perfect from the start, He tucks his love in each one's heart.

He makes a promise to all of them, that someday they'll return to him.

He sends his angels lovingly, "please help my children remember Me."

With every new baby an angel will ride, and through all his life remain at his side.

To remind each child of God's great love, and how He helps from Heaven above.

The angels will try with all their might, to help you remember what is right.

They whisper softly in your ear, and if you listen your heart will hear.

You'll know that Heaven awaits us all. Black and white, short and tall.

The whispering angels do God's will, so we can know He's with us still.

Open your heart and hear the sweet voice, God wants you to make the choice.

Invite your angel to speak to you, so you won't forget all that's true.

"Sweet little angel, whisper to me. Stay by my side and help me see."

"Please tell me again of God's great plan, and help me remember who I am."

Say these words with each new day, don't let the whispers fade away.

Your angel is with you hold out your hand, so you can be led to the promised land.

Remind the grown-ups when they forget, their whispering angels aren't done with them yet.

With-in their hearts they know it too, that's why they've shared this poem with you.

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