By James Westly

The Journey Inward

By James Westly

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The true seeker on the path towards Enlightenment is searching for those tools that will produce results. The results sought after are psychological in nature, only later will they have their outpicturing in the external world. So, these "results", by definition, are internal. Thus, the journey is inward, into oneself, rather than geographical. Ultimately, each one of us must come to this unavoidable conclusion.

To "Know Thyself" is an ancient aphorism. Yet, initially we avoid it. It is painful to not only look at your "stuff", but to study it in detail over a long period of time. We have built intricate obstacles in our inner world that are the very fabric of what is called the "Illusion" or the "Veil". Everything in life is a process. Thus it follows that the inner obstacles that prevent us from a deeper penetration of the "Truth" are processes, psychological processes.

These processes are not born with us. The new born infant arrives in Enlightenment, with the capacity to experience its existence in the Eternal Now. However, as the infant grows to maturity, it has the "Veil" programed into it by all the other beings who live in the "Illusion". This is not a "bad" thing to be judged. It rather seems to be a part of a grand scheme whereby each one of us is put to sleep, or hypnotized, put into a consensual trance, in order to have the opportunity to awaken from this trance through our own efforts.

The trance is incredibly powerful. Until recently only a few have broken it, and then, only to be persecuted by the sleepers. Now, however, the "times are a changin'" as one prophet said. There appears to be a global movement towards awakening. A grass roots revolution of consciousness.

Consensus trance has several principal components, all of which form a part of ordinary human experience. For example, the human capacity to imagine is a two edged sword. Mankind's greatest achievements have used this tool, yet, uncontrolled and undirected it forms a major thread in the "Veil". We call it thinking, though, at the deepest level of sincerity we know that most of our so called thinking leads nowhere, or worse, conjures up an infinitude of fears and chaos. In the simplest way, uncontrolled thinking removes us from our experience of the Eternal Now.

We "think" about the past and the future frequently, and remember, the past is a moment ago, the future is the moment ahead. We turn to meditation for a few moments of blessed emptiness, but what about the rest of the time? It is impossible to receive anything of a higher nature when our minds are clogged with this type of thinking. Yet, we take it seriously!

The brain was meant to be a receiver. However, fear frequently closes us down. We fearfully think we must prepare for important moments by imagining what will happen. Yet when the moment comes, it hardly ever how we "imagined" it. We often play old memories of events in our imagination. Whenever we do this, we fail to "Live in the Moment".

Thus, to be more Enlightened, to live more "in the moment", to be more sensitive to the "Vibrations", requires that we let go of our habit of "thinking" about the past and the future. Stop playing movies of the mind. That is, if you have a strong desire to Awaken. If not, enjoy the movies. So Be It.

More Practical Wisdom

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