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Law of Attraction: Abraham-Hicks Law of Attraction Articles: The Seth Material's Influence
by Abraham-Hicks

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The Seth Material's Influence
by Abraham-Hicks

While thumbing through the mail the other day, my eyes were arrested by a familiar handwriting -- one that I hadn't seen in years, but somehow familiar (printed block letters)... I expectantly turned the post card over and saw a brief, encouraging, note from Robert Butts (He and Jane Roberts and Seth produced the "The Seth Material" books that since the 1960's have had such a visible influence on the philosophical world view.)

When we began receiving information from Abraham regarding "You Create Your Own Reality", I wrote to Rob, and six months later he responded with a hand printed letter stating that he was six months behind in responding to letters regarding the "Seth Materials".

Robert Butts has had a major role in the dissemination of the "Seth Materials" that, in turn, have had a major positive life (and career) changing influence on our lives and on the lives of many millions of others -- and Esther and I feel both delighted and honored whenever we hear from him.

The Seth materials were a catalyst to our meeting and beginning to work with Abraham back in November of 1985 -- and we will remain eternally appreciative of Robert Butts for many years of commitment to the purity of the Seth teachings.

This time between Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve always finds me filled with deep feelings of love and gratitude for those who have had an influence on this delicious physical life that I continue to experience. And it strikes me as both strange and enlightening that most of them (as in the case of Robert Butts) were not at all aware of the enormity of the joy that they were adding to my life (nor was I) at the time that it was occurring.

For example: Grandpa Hicks: "'re a good kid." Grandma Cora: "...for a six year old, you have a good singing voice." Ben Piers: "...just one more push-up, kid." Ben Hanley: "...kid, I like the way you walk." Joe Prensky: " would do very well in business for yourself. Napoleon Hill: "...what do you want?" Olaf Tuhkanen: "...I'm excited about your potential." Richard De Vos: " can do this." Seth/Jane Roberts/Robert Butts: "...You create your own reality... in this present moment." Esther Hicks: "...I want to be with you."

Of course I could go on like this about the many men, women, children, beasts and aspects of physical and Nonphysical Nature that have added to the Joy and the Growth that I have appreciated through these decades of physical experience, for I have truly been blessed... just as I feel blessed by this beautiful opportunity to work with Abraham and Esther and the multitudes of you loving, questioning beings who are seeking to become more deliberate creators of lifetimes of joyous and meaningful value.

The proverbial "Johnny Appleseed", from his joy in giving, was said to have planted many thousands of apple seeds along country roadsides from which he never expected to reap a personal harvest of fruit. And in like manner -- through our observations and expectations of the positive aspects of others -- you and I are planting latent seeds of Well-being that may bear fruits of joy in those observed. And whether or not you ever get a taste of the fruits of the seeds you've sown, as you learn to take joy purely in the experience of giving, the receiving may just become irrelevant ... but it still feels good!

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©Abraham-Hicks Publications.

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