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by Paula Sirois

Endless waves of golden healing light are alighting now in your tender heart, assuaging your fears, soothing your concerns, and easing your worries. In this timeless moment, you are coming into a profoundly heightened awareness of your True Nature as a result of every  experience you have had in your life. In the inner recesses of your  mind, beyond your conscious awareness, you are engaged in a continuous exchange with your Spirit guides, which is bringing you to an ever higher understanding of WHO YOU ARE.

You have asked for this earthly experience exactly as it is unfolding, because you wanted to come to a deeper understanding of your SOUL. As you release old ways and limiting behaviors that do not serve your highest intentions for joy, know that you are clearing the path of debris and inviting the increasingly exuberant way of being that you desire at your core. This is a time of celebration, for now you are moving beyond the mode of being a victim and towards the liberating state of living consciously from your awakened center.

We are all dancing together in the light of eternity's calling. Realize that with every breath, each of us pulsates in harmony with the gentle rhythm of every other heart. For we are ONE SOUL, and we are moving ever higher to the exalted music of LOVE as it is endlessly expressing through the cosmos. Allow the winds of change to glide easily over you, caressing your mind and comforting your body, and delicately assisting you as you release the struggle and continue your exhilarating ascent. Your concerns and worries are rapidly slipping into the past, and you are at once becoming stunningly aware that you are indeed a being of pure light, ONE who need not suffer any longer. Affirm that all are seeing you now for WHO YOU ARE TRULY, because that is WHO YOU KNOW YOURSELF TO BE.

Embrace yourself completely, as you relax into knowing that your sensitivity is a beautiful reflection of your loving core. You need not hide your wisdom and your joy. You are absolutely free now to come out into the open, to be truly a light unto the world, healing all those with whom you come into contact. Through your awareness, you are transformed in this very moment, having emerged from the casing of your personality like the butterfly from the protective shell of a cocoon that has fulfilled its purpose.

You are radiance. You are luminescent. You are transcendent.

Copyright Paula Sirois.
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