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Vibration P O O P :: numbers in the negative

A humorous look at the 'icky' end of the stick
by Angelli Mansfield

If youíve had a chance to try out NumberQuest, you might have noticed that the interpretations are written with an emphasis on the positive. The highest and best possibilities are accented because I believe that with each number vibration, as with anything else, both sides of the stick are available to choose from.

If we are shown the highest possibility of something, then it is more likely that we will aspire to that. Actually, the possibilities I describe arenít even "the highest possible" but rather, the pure, nonresistant expression that naturally flows "on a good day."

As co-creators of our "reality" and with the very generous gift of *Free Will*, we each get to run all over this "playground" - Earth, collecting data and making new choices as we go. Everything has a vibrational frequency and numerology is one way to measure and define it. To be *conscious" of it. Numbers/vibrations follow us around and (thankfully) they can help us to focus and orchestrate our life-journey. That is, they offer opportunities at specific intervals to either use and integrate the available energy (learn and grow) or to resist and fight it, which sets up a pattern that will repeat itself (at specific intervals) until it is allowed to flow through one without resistance. (All vibrations will repeat themselves, itís just that we remember the ones we had trouble with and butt up against them when they come around again.)

Here in the physical world, we are surrounded by evidence of *duality*. Things are either "good" or "bad" male or female, right or wrong. Although I genuinely believe, (and have verified for myself), that where we "pay" our attention, we "buy" more of the same, I also think thereís great value in *Balance* and in being able to recognize the manifestations of resistance, and the particular effects of mixing negative emotions with the individual number vibrations. One or more of these descriptions may really repulse you, if so - GREAT! thatís a red arrow pointing to your very own "resistance" to that vibration. It might even be a key vibration in your own personal numbers. The good news is, that if we can encounter *any* person (ourselves included) or situation with understanding and *nonresistance*, we can truly claim "inner peace" and happiness. That is Unconditional Love.

As with all things in life, the keyword is Balance. No one can maintain a positive mood all of the time, but all of us, (I think I can be safe in saying) feel much better when weíre flowing easily with life, expressing ourselves naturally and thereby attracting a positive response from others. I hope the descriptions that follow inspire understanding, compassion and a sense of humor in the recognition of your own "Vibration Poop."

#1 "me, Me, ME!!"

The icky side of #1 is SELFishness in the 1st degree. The actual cause is deep insecurity and fear and the need for control and attention which can manifest as arrogance, stubbornness, bullying around, "brutal " words, instability, withdrawal, dependence, chauvinism, and being a copycat, not to mention a big baby. The natural fearless nature of #1 can escalate into feelings of invincibility which can lead to extreme behavior and

#2 "NOTHING’s wrong!... you don’t care anyway...

"The icky side of #2 is moodiness and mopiness, indifference and apathy. This is usually the result of the 2 giving too much for too long with the expectation that their needs will be fulfilled in return. Possible manifestations are; passive aggressiveness, neediness, low self-esteem, self-pity, tearfulness, shyness, cowardice, deception, lying, procrastination, and at times, roof raising, boot stomping temper tantrums.

#3 " ...blahhdy blah blaah, blahdy blah blah blah...

"The icky side of #3 is superficial chatter and/or judgmental gossip. The 3 energy is joyful at heart and it’s the nature of Joy to be shared. When the 3 is insecure or rebuffed it can respond with exaggerated self-expression resulting in vanity, self-pity, whining, criticism, fear of criticism, jealousy, worry, speech difficulties, being unable to get the point across and antisocial behavior like pretending to care-less and banishing the offender into exile.

#4 "No Pain - No Gain!"

The icky side of #4 is dullness and rigidity stemming from an overly mechanized existence. The 4’s instinct to create security and order can go overboard and turn into stern, narrow-minded, over-planned restriction. Other possible manifestations are; stubborn rebelliousness (against any outer-imposed limitations), violence, hatred, destruction, bigotry, crudeness, militancy, and secretivity.

#5 "Sex, Drugs... too much rockin’ and rollin’"

The icky side of #5 is overindulgence, irresponsibility and periodicity. The 5 energy stimulates the physical senses and the mental curiosity into seeking new life experience and understanding. Sometimes this can lead to impulsive, addictive behavior and the scattering of energies without focus. Projects are started only to lie unfinished while the next interest gets the spotlight. "Unfinished business" creeps up again demanding attention and the current project is left by the wayside. The need for freedom and the love of variety can lead to inconsistency and estranged, open-ended relationships, (as well as a long list of past employers who will never show up on the resume!)

#6 "How can you do this to me?..."

The icky side of #6 is the *guilt trip*. The 6’s instinct to nurture, balance, teach, protect and perfect it’s "world", can sometimes digress into an over zealous involvement in the lives of others. "Giving loving guidance" and expecting results - in their own eyes, would be called; meddling, prying, snooping, manipulating and basically interfering - to others. When unappreciated the 6 energy can manifest as; pride, smugness, blame, cynicism, criticism, spite, envy, the martyr, and the self-sacrificing "slave". There can be a "you owe me" attitude and 6 can hold onto a grudge for a lifetime!

#7 " I’m not like wouldn’t understand."

The icky side of #7 is emotional aloofness and intolerance which masks a deep fear of loneliness and isolation. There is a depth of introspective and intellectual focus available to the 7 which has the ability to tap into areas of the mind and spirit typically "underlooked" by the everyday world. This need for quiet, undisturbed "research" is a natural effect of the 7’s vibrational influence. The downside is that along with vast amounts of wisdom and insight, an air of superiority, and a disdain for the "unenlightened" masses can emerge. Skepticism, confusion, faithlessness and feelings of the "uselessness" of it all can lead to melancholy and further emotional separation from other life-forms. Cynicism, "button pushing", and mental aggressiveness can also appear under stress.

#8 " Show me the MONEY!"

The icky side of #8 is greed and ostentation. The natural ability of 8 to attract and multiply resources to their cause often puts them in the position of power and authority within their field. When strained or negative, 8 can become hard, intolerant, cruel, deceiving, unscrupulous and unjust. They can be master manipulators if it means more dollars or power in their pocket. An angry 8 out for revenge is not a pretty sight. Love of "public display of their wealth" is another 8 trait that can go overboard, even to the point of "gaudy" (sequins, gold chains, faux roman statues lining the driveway...)

#9 "What about MY needs?"

The icky side of #9 is resentment, inaction and unavailability. 9’s have an instinctive knowing that they are here to give of themselves to others and not just the "others" in their immediate environment, but any and all others that need what they got! Early in a 9s life there is sometimes a tendency to resent this fact. They watch most everyone else get praise or money and acclaim for their efforts, while the 9 is faced with the reality that much of what they "give" is not really appreciated the same way - at least not immediately and in fact it seems expected! (Many 9’s become doctors and in this way are compensated financially - at least in the US.) Jealousy, bitterness, paranoia and an attempt to compensate with self-centeredness can result as can aimlessness and inactivity due to the 9’s long imaginary visits to happier, more romantic lands where THEY are the hero or princess, loved and appreciated by all.

The Master Numbers; 11, 22 and 33

Like 9, all Master Numbers are here to selflessly offer themselves and their talents to the world. Resistance to this will manifest as the negative sides of their reduced vibrations; 2, 4 and 6 with an added oomph of exaggerated self-importance (superman) thrown in with a sprinkle of eccentricity and perverted genius (the Unabomber.) There’s many a story about the power-monger, eccentric who attempts to "control the world." This is "Master" energy focused on the negative and it can be a powerfully destructive force. The good news is that there generally has to be something fundamentally awry in the person’s nature or chemical balance to manifest in this way. The most common expression is that of the reduced number vibrations under stress with a little added egocentricity as a booster.

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