By James Westly

The Law of Attraction

By James Westly

Practical Wisdom | Abraham-Hicks

"Lightning victim killed by the very thing he had feared", read the newspaper headline, illustrating a universal law. It is the Law of Attraction, which simply states that like attracts like. We see it every day, put one dirty dish in the sink, soon ten have joined it, put one piece of waste paper in a corner, soon the corner is filled with waste paper. We're all aware of this on some level. What we don't realize is that, since this is a universal law, it applies everywhere, even to our thoughts.

It is not uncommon in Metaphysical circles to hear the idea that your thoughts create your reality. The question then arises, if my thoughts create my reality, how is it that my reality is not always exactly what I want? What is not taken into account is the Law of Attraction. For, when I give thought to what it is I don't want, by the Law of Attraction, I am attracting what it is I don't want. So, when I worry about something that I don't want happening, I am drawing that very thing to me. Thus the man in the headline, in his worry and fear over being struck by lightning attracted the event that he feared.

We live in a society that tends to focus on the negative. A very small percentage of our media time and space is devoted to positive, uplifting, events. Most of it focuses on negative events. Thus we are taught to promote negative thoughts, we're even told it's "practical". So, when we give thought to something we want, what often follows, are all the reasons why we can't have what we want. If we say to ourselves, I want to win the lottery, immediately this thought is followed by thoughts like "that's impossible, the odds are too great."

So, the one cancels out the other. If we think in terms of the Protestant work ethic, life is hard and you'll survive only if you work diligently, then that becomes our experience.

Through this we begin to see that we are creating and uncreating in every moment, for our minds are hardly ever still, and if our lives are not consistently anything, it's because our thoughts are not consistently anything, and that doesn't account for influences outside ourselves. What about other people and their impact upon our thinking?

We are surrounded by other beings, each of whom is creating their own reality through their thought process. We interact with those immediately around us, and, through mass media, we interact with a great number of others. Through our interactions we each are influencing each other's thoughts, so the thinking process of an individual is the culmination of a cultural process. We have been influenced from birth, or even before birth, according to some researchers, by the thoughts of other people. Thus, we may have a creative thought which we then share with someone close to us. Then the two of us examine and develop the thought together. Then each of us shares that development with a few others. Soon the reality created by this thought is being influenced by hundreds of people. Is it any surprise, then, that the reality we create is nothing like the original creation we imagined.

Two important directions arise from this discussion. First, we need to move our attention off of what we don't want. Remember, thinking about what we don't want attracts it. Next, if we desire our reality to be more in alignment with what we want, we need to be careful about who we share our thoughts with.

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