By James Westly

Mastering Our Life

By James Westly

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Most of us would agree that one aspect of our journey toward Enlightenment is an ever increasing degree of mastery over our life process. In another article, we discussed some of the ramifications of the interaction of the Law of Attraction, like attracts like, and the notion that our thoughts create our reality. We came to an understanding that in order to be more precise creators, we need to focus our thinking process more onto what we want, rather than what we don't want. For as we focus thought on what we don't want, by the Law of Attraction, we attract to ourselves more of what we don't want. Now, how do we bring that into our daily existence?

To become more conscious creators of our daily life, we need to be more clear in what we intend for each segment of our day. As we are, we tend to move through our day unaware, guided more by patterns and habits than by conscious intention. To the extent that we live our lives this way, we are creating more by default than anything else. We are reactive to whatever stimulus that happens to land on us. It stimulates our thoughts, creating a daily existence that is guided more or less by random accident. Sometimes we accomplish what we intended for the day, often, however, the day unfolds in ways we had not intended nor wanted.

If we are to live more consciously, we must pave the day, and each segment of the day, with our intentions, our thoughts. A segment is a portion of the day that has a specific focus. When we arise in the morning the focus is to wake up the body and prepare it for the day. We bathe it, clothe it and feed it. Each one of these activities has a specific intention which we can express to ourselves. Then we may travel to our place of employment. The intention here may be to travel in ease and safety so as to arrive refreshed and ready to deal with the tasks of our occupation. The various occupational tasks also require specific intentions, intentions that are unique to the task.

Remember, our thoughts attract. Many of us may say, in response to the above, that that's exactly what we're already doing, but it's not working. When I travel to work, for instance, I intend to not get into an accident, or I intend to not be involved in a traffic jam. Then it happens anyway. What is not noticed here, is that our thoughts are dwelling upon what we don't want, and in the process, are attracting it. Many of us feel it is important to worry about things. This is thought driven by negative emotion. So, each time we worry about something, we draw it closer to us, until, eventually, it becomes a part of our reality. But how can we monitor our thoughts, we have so many of them.

We may not be able to monitor our thoughts, but we can monitor our feelings, when we are in contact with them. Our emotions tell us when our thoughts are straying from our deeper intentions. Every negative emotion is a warning signal that we are thinking or acting in a manner contrary to our deeper intentions. Every positive emotion signals the opposite.

What follows from this is an understanding that to have more mastery over our daily lives, we need to consciously intend each segment of our day with a clear thought as to what we want from that segment, while attending to our emotional state to determine whether or not we are in alignment with our deeper purposes.

More Practical Wisdom

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