By James Westly

Forging a New Reality

By James Westly

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One of the principal initial steps that must occur in the Awakening process that leads to Enlightenment is the individual's severance of self from mass consciousness, or consensus trance. The idea that we are all hypnotized by mainstream society, and that we have agreed or consented to that trance, may be shocking to some of you reading this. However, since you are reading this, you probably have already observed the truth of this on some level.

This essential step in the Awakening process must be experiential. It has to take place in the context of daily life. Once we begin to initiate the Awakening process, we start to have different perceptions, and those perceptions may not harmonize with the perceptions of the people around us, maybe not even with the people closest to us. So, right away a conflict arises. We find ourselves in a dilemma. Seeing the structure of the Illusion we are surrounded with, it is no longer possible to comfortably continue living within the confines of that Illusion, yet there is a strong force working to keep us enfolded there. That force is generated by the people we know who still live within the confines of the Illusion.

The next natural impulse is to share the truth of our new perceptions with someone else, generally someone who we care deeply about, and who we want to share our excitement with. We present them with our new found sense of awareness in the hope they will get the picture. We may go around trying to save everyone we know.

Anyone who attempts this will soon discover that their new found perceptions of truth will probably not be well received. Those who have not yet awakened are not interested in having their "sleep" disturbed. It is not yet time for them to awaken.

Thus we are thrust back upon ourselves. Eventually it becomes clear that some act of severance is called for. This is what all the work with the "wild woman" and the "wild man" is about. This is where we begin to uncover who we truly are and what our purpose really is, and none of it has anything to do with other people's expectations of us. We then need to identify within ourselves just how we have internalized other people's expectations, for that is what is covering over the truth of our inner reality.

All this requires strength of character and courage. The new awareness we have given birth to is vulnerable and fragile. To defend it may require us to reassess all our current relationships and begin making hard decisions about how we are now going to relate to our old world through the eyes of our new perceptions. What is it we truly value? What is now more important to us, our old associations in the Illusion, or our new perception of truth?

It is a hard decision. There are no automatic outcomes. Unlike stories in the media, the "good guys" don't always win. We may feel alone, isolated. Our new reality may require us to make radical changes, leave old, now dysfunctional, relationships, start new careers, form new friendships. All this is part of the Awakening process. If we feel strange, or wierd, it is simply because we are venturing into new psychic territory, so expect to feel strange and wierd.

Remember, we are forging a new reality. Humanity is Awakening. We are becoming part of the solution. Whoever you are, reading this, know that you are not alone. If you feel alone, reach out.

More Practical Wisdom

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