By James Westly

Inclusive Thinking

By James Westly

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The path to Enlightenment is not a path at all, in the linear sense that we start somewhere, have a journey, and then arrive at some achievement, or goal. Perhaps we are walking a walk in life, but Enlightenment is not an achievement, a trophy. It is a state of beingness that is accessible in every moment. So, it's not the finding of some technique, or teaching, or guru, following some prescribed by someone else set of rules or procedures that will eventually take you to your expectation of something. Techniques, teachings and teachers are all useful to the degree that they demonstrate something, and leave space for learning, the creative process of self-realization.

All too often, however, they appear to be the "answer". "If I just follow this procedure exactly, I will get the expected results. If I just obey precisely this teacher, he/she will take me to heaven, samadi, god-realization. It may take a long time because I'm just not getting it right, or, I'm too impure." How many pursuits of this nature do we need to undertake before we realize that we came to Earth, as spirit, to experience the challenge of creating of our own life experience, and that is precisely what we are doing each and every moment of our life, whether we are consciously aware of it, or not.

The challenge is, out of the often confusing life process, to experience in ever intensifying degrees, who we truly are. It is not sufficient to "know" that we are spirit, the same as and equal to what we call God. The task we have set ourselves is to come to experiential realization of that knowing, and that can only occur at one specific time, and that time is NOW.

So, however we come to it, we must find ways to have more experiences of NOW, to bring more of our scattered awareness into NOW.

More and more we are becoming aware of this, hence the proliferation of method and discipline, each offering tools, at different levels of precision, that have the capacity to facilitate the focus of attention into the moment. Whether it be the practice of yoga, or a martial art, or meditation, or self-observation, or self-disclosure in group work, all these, and others, serve to promote greater experiential awareness.

It can even be something as simple as monitoring thought, for thought is the impetus for all creation, and each moment of our lives is our creation. Whatever the focus of attention is, that we create.

For instance, we might notice that many of us, if not all, have the habit of frequently focusing attention on what we wish to exclude from our creation, and while this may seem beneficial in helping us to become clear about what we don't want in our life, since it is an attention focus, to the degree it is, it becomes included in our creation.

Out of this observation, we may divide thoughts into those which include what we are wanting to create, and those which exclude what we want to create. Then, we may discover that, the more we discipline our thinking process to focus attention solely upon thoughts of inclusion, the greater is the purity of our intent, which produces a creation more in alignment with that intent. The world only appears to be random and accidental, actually we may find that it is a faithful response to the mix of inclusive and exclusive thoughts we have projected.

So, if we wish to have a greater experience of who we truly are, we need to learn to focus attention more on thoughts of inclusion.

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