By James Westly

The Way of the Seeker

By James Westly

More Practical Wisdom

A common sense or feeling of the word "practical" is connected to something being useful, something that can be put into practice. This is the first in a series of articles where I will attempt to share with the reader ideas that have been practical for myself. Take from them what you will!

We live in a world today that is rapidly becoming more aware of metaphysical ideas and concepts. What is now available on the shelves of New Age bookstores would have cost the seeker of 100 years ago his or her entire life's energy and fortune. It has become the task of today's seeker to sort through a wide variety of offerings and find what works. There is a danger of becoming overwhelmed by information overload, making it essential to choose what you resonate with, remembering that your way is not "The Way", that there are as many "ways" as there are seekers.

Avoid the pitfall of becoming a Metaphysical know-it-all. The superficial ability to talk a good game is not what you're after, at least not if you're a true seeker. Work with ideas that are experientially verifiable. If you communicate from your heart and your experience you will be coming from a solid place.

Many of the ideas you will encounter are not immediately verifiable. It would be better to set such ideas aside for the time being. You may be able to verify them at some future date when your consciousness has been sufficiently expanded by your work on the basics.

It is important to believe nothing. One of humanity's greatest weaknesses is its capacity to believe without verification. On the other hand, disbelieve nothing. This is merely the other side of the same coin. It is easy to become a cynical disbeliever who criticizes everything that is presented. The third alternative is to simply take new ideas into a neutral place within and hold them there for possible future verification or rejection.

Make your verifications practical and experiential.The simpler, more down to earth you can get, the more powerful the experience. If you cannot understand something, let it go. It's simply not for you. It may even be that it was written to confound rather than to communicate. Simplify everything! Therein lies the way to profound truth, through simplicity. As you follow this thought, you will discover that everything is simpler than you "thought" it was.

Once you have verified something, continue to verify it at deeper levels. Everything is a process. Have faith in what you've verified. Don't let others remove your verifications. These are your most precious possessions. Only share them with like minds. Avoid "casting your pearls before swine". Don't try to "convert" anyone. We've all had that done to us. What was your reaction? Remember, each person has their own way. Respect it! As you gain the capacity to live the ideas you work with, others will be attracted by your example and will begin asking questions. When they do, just answer the question. Don't gush all over them. Be a mystery.

Become a magnet for those around you who resonate to your vibration. Above all, "walk your talk". Don't espouse ideas that you're not in the process of working on yourself. As you learn to help yourself, you'll become capable of helping others. We're all eager to "Save the world", but unless we save ourselves first, we're living a lie, something we're all good at.

Be sincere with yourself. If someone teaches you about the power of positive thinking, don't walk around saying to yourself and others that you're positive when you're not. Positive mental attitude is very important, and very difficult to achieve. Nothing will happen for you if you continue lying to yourself. This will not be easy, as human beings are generally masters of self- delusion. It is essential to be constantly on guard for this.

More Practical Wisdom

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