By James Westly

The Opportunity of Change

By James Westly

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The earth is definitely changing. The pace of our lives is quickening, speeding up. All our internal "stuff" is working its way to the surface of consciousness and we may, at times, feel we would rather have existed during a more placid time.

From another viewpoint, however, we also understand that we are living during a time of great opportunity. For some, the opportunity is the beginning of a realization of a truer meaning of their own existence, an awakening, an opening to an awareness that life is more than raising a family, pursuing a career, acquiring possessions, attaining "success". Not that these pursuits are irrelevant, rather that there can be more to living than what the surface of life presents.

For others of us, who have studied various paths toward Enlightenment, the changes that are now occurring demand that we implement all that we have learned, put it into effect in our daily lives. Ideas, principles, concepts, systems of belief are of little use unless they become practical tools that create for us the ability to deal constructively with the influences that are raising havoc with the Illusion. It is fine to know intellectually, for instance, that you are a spiritual being who manifested an incarnation at this time for purposes both personal and universal, it is something else to live the idea on a moment to moment basis. Yet this is the very thing that our present Earth circumstances require. No longer is it sufficient to think Metaphysical, it is now essential to Act and be Metaphysical.

This is a time of spiritual and psychological cleansing and renewal. Nothing less is required now than complete and total integration with our truer existence. We must detach ourselves from all that is now swirling about us. The changes are arriving so swiftly that we can no longer delude ourselves with the belief that we have any idea at all what the next moment will bring. Likewise, the energies are becoming so intense that we dare not lapse into dreams of the past, be the past be a moment, a week or a year ago. To do so is to become lost, out of contact with present moment reality.

So, what is it to be connected, or integrated? The essential ingredient is the creation of an inner calm that cannot be disturbed by external events. This is not something you do once and then it is done, but is more a prosess you create and recreate with each passing moment. So despair not it you see you've lost it, simply create it again. It is an ongoing internal effort.

When one is in this place of inner calm, there is no attachment to the outcome of the drama going on in the outer environment. Then we simply perform our role in this drama as best we can, safe in the knowing that all is unfolding as it is meant to. Develop an attitude that "allows" everyone and everything. "I allow you to be..."

Let go of any interest in results or consequences. Realize that life is to be lived for the simple experience of living it. Thus we make efforts not for potential benefits or results, but simply for the experience of the effort itself. Does the performer on stage perform just for a few seconds of applause, or for the ecstasy of performing?

It is imperative that we begin the practice of integration now! If we retain our old attitudes the intense energies now arriving will accumulate in old places, causing massive short circuiting. So, be connected, BE who you truly are.

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