The Divine Self : Part I
by Suhamaraan

This is about the recognition of the Divine Self. About what the Divine Self is - and how can it be practical when applied to our life.
There is so much on the subject of Higher Self and yet this is different than the Divine Self. The place within each of us that is Divine is not the same as the Spirit connection we have to God, which is our Higher Self, instead, it is the Divine knowledge we each have as "soul."
The recognition of that place is quite important to each of us for it leads us to areas of our lives where we would not necessarily go.
First, it is important to recognize the Divine Self. Your Divine Self knows more than your mind-self does about how you are connected to each other, to the planet, to nature, to all things around you. This Divine Self is a connection to all that is with you on earth. It is the Divine recognition of where you came from and where you are going. You may wish to call Divine Self "soul memory." It is something you have brought with you through all of your lifetimes no matter who you are.
Your Divine Self is much like a parenting factor in your life. It has knowledge to guide, to show you which way to go on your journey. The recognition of this place within yourself is the important aspect along the spiritual path for if you cannot recognize your Divine Self, how can you recognize the Divine Self in other? Or in anything around you? The planet, the guides, your children, your parents. The Divine within each of us is that place which is our potential. The potential of our soul. That is quite a different thing from our Spiritual potential.
After we have recognized that this Divine Self exists, that there is a place within us that we will call Divine, we must find out why it is important to us. What can it do for us? Why does it make our life on this planet better?
Suhamaraan says it makes our life better by working from a unity standpoint rather than one of separateness. Our personal self, the self that we consider "me" separates us from other human beings, from other planetary creatures, from plants, it separates us from our world. And how can we be working within our world as one if we are separating. We must be able to recognize Divine Self and the "we" of "me" in order to continue in a more united fashion. Earth at this time, seems to be missing the basic concept of "we are all in this together as one."
It is a place, the Divine Self, that exists within each person. And in each person, this place can reach out to others in compassion, and in healing. Your Divine Self is also your place of healing. Your Divine Self is the place in which you can process information from Spirit and see how it applies to your soul, to your physical life.

Before we get to more aspects of Divine Self, we must talk to many of you who go around speaking with the "my" consciousness, the place within yourself that recognizes "me" and does not clear the way to the Divine Self.

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This means your emotions, your forgiveness, your anger. All of these "me" consciousness emotions need to be worked through and let go of before you can work fully with your Divine Self to reach your potential.
Every person contains a Divine Self - in the same amount - yet it is the recognition and the application of this that makes a difference. So when you meet another on the street, or in the supermarket, or at school, or in the workplace, recognize this one as the Divine Self also, with as great a Divinity as you have. Recognition of Divinity isn't necessary for it to exist, but it does need to be recognized in order to be used. That place that you call "intuition" resides within the Divine Self.
So, of course, now you can see how we can use Divine Self. We can use it in a way which unites us with other realms and know how they apply to us on earth. If that knowing is not processed through Divine Self there is no bridge and no true understanding so there is no practicality.
Some call the Divine Self, "Christ Consciousness." We could say it is a recognition of "Oneness." Please remember it is not "Higher Self." Higher Self is your Spirit, from where you came, from the Light. Divine Self has come with you, has been brought with you to this planet. It is contained in your soul.
Your Divine Self can heal any of the wounds you have encountered throughout your life. Your Divine Self can heal "other." But it can't heal the planet, can't heal any of the wounds that are occurring at this time in your world, unless you recognize and start to work through your Divine Self, not only in your meditations, but also in your communicating with "other" in every interaction you have.
Once you work through your Divine Self and present it to "others," they will recognize it for it is something that they also have. Barriers such as color, race, religion, creed, gender will be broken through if we can relate to others through our Divine Self rather than personal self. If we can relate through the "we" rather than the "me." For if "we" have a problem, then "we" will try to fix it. Yet if "you" have a problem, then "you" must fix it.
Now, in many New Age communities, they say, "It is your stuff!" or "It is my stuff..." And we say, "This is not my problem for if this person was dealing with 'their' stuff, they would not come to me with it."
Yet from the expanded vision of the Divine Self the answer would truly be, "If it is your stuff, it is mine, for we are not separate."
This consciousness that you call "Oneness" comes from the Divine Self because It understands this concept completely and yet usually on earth that concept is kept within your personal boundaries rather than allowing you to unlimit yourself and work through the Divine Self with "other."

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"You can be your own healer, you can be your own teacher, for you have two separate aspects: one of "group" consciousness or Universal Mind and the other of personal consciousness and personal mind. The interaction can lead to amazing results! Miracles, if you will..."

All Text and Graphics 1997, Carol Gino, Starwater Press