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About IAM

Objectives of IAM

The International Academy of Mastery (IAM) was formed to support the growth of mastery in each individual. Many of our programs are focused on deeper understanding and self love. Once the experience of self love begins to take hold, we can better touch the lives of others in a meaningful way.

Mastery also includes the development of perception, in all its myriad forms. Each of us is destined to become a 'master' on earth, emulating great beings such as Jesus, Buddha, Kwan Yin, Sai Baba, and more recently Ghandi. Our individual expressions or gifts may differ, yes, but we are all divine beings. Let us embrace this truth with courage so we can truly make a difference in this beautiful world of ours.

Although our names for our SOURCE may be different, we are all children of the same God, We share in a collective destiny to return our home planet to the "heaven on earth" we know it can be. Each step we take in the direction of unfolding our own awareness increases our effectiveness as co-creators with God.

With this purpose in mind, we at IAM share what we have, and eagerly learn what we can from others; committed always to the discovery of full genius and mastery within each of us. Together we can move into acceptance of our highest potential and destiny: as divine beings of light, willing and capable of showing the way of love to others.

We are eager to help you to uncover more of your gifts, to unfold your dreams and to understand your destiny upon the earth.

We recognize that we are all truly one - held closely in the heart of God. And we are honored to share in your journey of self discovery. As you grow, so too, do we. We thank you for your commitment to your own Mastery.

(*the God in me recognizes and honors the God in you)

Online Academy of Mastery

The first stage in becoming a part of our 'master network' begins in the 'inner academy' of each individual. In order to assist those who wish to begin or accelerate their journey from home, we offer many services on line through our ebooks and downloads, remotely (by phone or email), as well as through personalized products and services designed to address individual needs. All classes and services whether completed through email, in person or over the telephone, support the development of the full individual. All our classes are designed to encourage personal discovery and self love, which unfolds inner guidance, and personal mastery. We encourage you to join us!

In Residence Programs

We offer a variety of private (in residence) sessions, and group workshops with profound and immediate results. Specialized in-residence, private retreats, can also be designed around the needs of individual residents.

On-Line/Website Support

We offer several useful yet simple ways on this site to obtain instant suggestions for your growth. There are free channeled angel messages and a large number of wonderful affirmations which can be used on a daily basis to keep your attention off your problems and on the growth of divinity! Our free newsletter, The Angel Times (coming soon!) is designed for those desiring to receive weekly guidance online, to uplift spirits and encourage rapid progress simply by checking their email. You will also find many wonderful links at Sun-Angel, our 'sister' web site to help you unfold your full potential in dozens of different ways.

Where can I take Classes?

Our classes and workshops are offered primarily in Arizona at the present time. We are also happy to offer classes in your hometown if you are willing to coordinate the facilities. Private services and telephone appointments are offered throughout the world.

Location of Physical Facilities

It is our intention to create a large physical resort-like facility providing training/healing/support in all the areas referenced above and more. Our supporters are working to locate land and obtain finances to create these facilities as soon as possible. (We are open to your suggestions and support as well.) In the meantime, the ONLINE ACADEMY of MASTERY is growing rapidly. We encourage you to avail yourselves of our programs, and join our circle of MASTERS IN TRAINING!

Privacy Statement

All inquiries and mailing lists are kept strictly confidential and are not traded, sold, or used by anyone other than by IAM.

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