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How long will you hide from the truth of who you are? How long will you find an excuse to hide? Will you use your entire life saying that you are not worthy? That you do not know? We know that you know. We know that you hear. We know that you can see. And we ask you sincerely as a cherished child of radiant light to come forth now and allow that light to come forth. It may seem trivial. It may seem unimportant. But even as you read to others, even as you sing, even as you hold a hand, you are doing so as our messenger. Find a way to give. Find several ways to share of yourself. This will uncover more of your glorious gifts. For as you give of your time and your knowledge without restriction, you continue the momentum of love. Our love. God's love. And it will recharge you. It will heal you. And it will show you how BEST to give. And you will remember your greatness. You will begin to draw from the infinite storehouse of your gifts. A little at a time. And your light will come forth as the glorious sun presence that it truly is.

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