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Your WORK and your DESTINY are not always the same. We know this sounds strange. But DESTINY is so much bigger. It's influence is so much wider. Destiny ALWAYS has to do with finding a way to tickle the God being in another. It ALWAYS has to do with reflecting back the glory of God to others. It ALWAYS has to do with being a fluid, available and often humble servant. This does not mean servitude or denial of your own needs. It means that who you are may, and probably will, grow and change. When you begin to believe that YOU are doing it, you may hold to a form that the small "self" has created. You may hold to a definition of your life which needs to get bigger. You may find that others being to idolize YOU to your own detriment. Being in DESTINY never means being in EGO. It means helping others to find their own God nature. Your art may do it, your songs may do it, your words may do it, the space you create in your home may do it, even your cooking may trigger it when shared with those who are spiritually hungry. Destiny is not being a "great" anything. It is instead, being a humble light of the divine in everything you do.

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