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Oh how we have loved you! And continue to do so. There is so much to do. There are so many things which call to you! There are so many people you wish to serve! We see your heart cry out for more TIME, more RESOURCES, more ENERGY! We smile on this dear child for you have already taken upon yourself much more than a single lifetime can accomplish. And you feel responsible to do more!! We have an answer for you. Use the power of the dream. Dream the perfect conclusion into being. Just as you are able to see it in your will be done. Perhaps not by you directly, but it will be done. Your thoughts have always been of power. They have always generated magnificent energy. Trust that this energy is of even more power than the energy of a single action. What you have no TIME to DO in the physical world...dream of it in the subtle worlds and it shall be done! We are here to serve with you.

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