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Dawn Eve



Dawn has been teaching meditation and practicing alternative healing therapies for 30 years. She received her training in Europe, India and the United States. In addition to being a Lightweaving™ facilitator, Dawn is a qualified teacher of Transcendental Meditation, a conscious channel, a Medical Intuitive and an ordained minister. She has been teaching seminars on empowerment and healing throughout the US for the last 30 years, and has trained many other teachers to do the same. In addition, Dawn has held executive positions in traditional business.

Dawn has studied with several Eastern masters, and self development teachers. She has studied herbology, Ayurvedic medicine and Reiki, and has also received extensive training in the Hawaiian Shaman tradition. She has taught meditation and stress management programs at West Point, Yale University, Connecticut General, Connecticut Light and Power and in affiliation with several hospitals. Dawn has also served as director of a meditation academy where she participated in research on consciousness and contributed to a best selling book on this topic.

To contact Dawn for a private medical intuitive reading, a reading with your guides, or to inquire about setting up a class in your area contact her by email at

Angelia Angelia

Angelia is the creator of, our sister site and the amazing artist for both Sun-Angel and IAM. Angelia is a recognized authority in numerology and has skills in Jin Shin Jyutsu physio-philosophy. Angelia's Sun-Angel was one of the first spiritual websites on the internet in 1995 and has received a number of awards over the years. She has held the vision of networking spiritually oriented websites, and has worked tirelessly to accomplish this. Thanks to her support as a programmer, an artist and the amazing visionary she is, dozens of products and websites have blossomed with her help. We are very grateful for our partnership with Sun-Angel.

To inquire about Angelia's artwork, or having a full numerology report or synergy reports done, email Angelia at Sun Angel

Lin Simpson Lin Simpson

Lin has been a teacher over the past 25 years. She teaches children of all ages to be responsible for their choices and to handle conflicts confidently and positively. She is currently writing a series of humorous children¹s plays to encourage self confidence through the magic of self discovery. These plays will soon be available for schools, churches and scout groups. Her motto is: "Every child deserves to be heard with respect."

As an "educator's educator", Lin has facilitated numerous seminars and workshops for teachers, administrators and parents; she has received numerous awards as a teacher; and wide recognition for excellence in her work with families and her unique approach to parenting. Lin's lighthearted manner and genuine concern encourages immediate trust and cooperation. Her amazing skill in creating a family dynamic of sincere communication, respectful of everyone's needs, has brought many families to her door.

Lin coaches families individually with family meeting techniques, by phone and privately.

To inquire about Children's Activities, Parenting Classes or Private Appointments, email at

Chiquetta Chiquetta (pronounced Chi-kwet-a)

Chiquetta is a mother of 3 boys, and a marvelous tantra teacher. Chiquetta leads people of all ages into a deeper understanding of themselves, their bodies and their energies. She has a background in various type of energy and healing work, and has found her true niche with tantra. Clients love her southern accent, easy manner, and loving nature. Altho she works primarily with men, she does counseling and sexual support over the phone or in person with women and couples as well. Chiquetta works with men and couples in person in her home in Paradise Valley, Arizona.

She gracefully and lovingly helps couples, or men privately with all sorts of sexual dysfunction, confusion, and problems. Chiquetta considers sex to be a sacred gift and spiritual exchange between people, and this is the energy she brings to her sessions. Altho Chiquetta does not have intercourse with her clients, she works very intimately with each of them. For telephone appointments, Chiquetta charges $150 per hour, with no minimum appointment time required. For private work, she charges $175 per hour with a minimum session of 3 hours.

To contact Chiquetta for an appointment contact her by email at


With knowledge in working with the Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT) and investments, greg has worked hard to support a number of charities. As Dawn's partner, Greg has graciously lent his hand in writing, mixing the guided meditation tapes, and teaching Lightweaving™ classes. You will also hear his resonant voice on the tape "you are loved".

To inquire about CRTs (Charitable Remainder Trusts) or to Join the Phoenix, Forex Trading Room, email at


Dimitri is our marvelous web developer/evangelist. Dimitri is an eCommerce manager for a large high-tech company and is the creator of Torak. Having lived and participated in the birth and the rise of the Internet; he believes in sharing knowledge through his web site Torak as well as building innovative and effective online solutions. This site would never be what it is without his selfless sharing of his expertise.

To contact Dimitri about creating a website like this one or eCommerce consulting email him at

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