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The International Academy of Mastery (IAM) was created to offer a variety of programs for developing individual mastery. Many of these tools are available online or through private appointments/tutoring with our principal members.

You will find several simple, useful ways on this site to obtain instant suggestions for your growth. There are free channeled angel messages (with the opportunity to win a free, personalized channeling!) and a large number of wonderful affirmations which can be used on a daily basis to help keep our attention on the growth of divinity. We also offer a variety of products, sessions and workshops which provide profound and immediate results.

You will also find many wonderful links at Sun-Angel, our 'sister' web site to help you unfold your full potential in dozens of different ways.

IAM Listening: Opening to the God Presence Within Through Forgiveness (2 CD SET)
IAM Reading: Tragedies Can Teach Us How To Love

IAM offers intensive sessions called Lightweaving™ to assist the healing process. Lightweaving™ is a very effective method of deep, accelerated emotional healing which effects every level of being including physical/emotional balance, harmony in relationships, success in business, and clarity in vision. Lightweaving™ can lead to profound and permanent change.

IAM also offers Medical Intuitive assistance for those whose greatest challenge of the moment is physical health.

You can read more about these and other services by selecting the button to the left labeled "Individual Sessions".

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