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Individual Session


Two to four hours designed to delve deeply into locating and repatterning the cause of emotional pain or struggle. Powerful change for the body, the mind and the emotions.

Lightweaving™ reawakens self love by bringing light back into the physical body, the subtle bodies and into the awareness, thereby restoring the individual to a state of balance and wholeness.

Lightweaving™ deepens the connection between the Higher Self and the physical body. We are thus able to locate the true origin of our problems, release any related blocks in the body and simultaneously "weave" light back into those areas which are imbalanced.

During the Lightweaving™ process, we access memories of critical events from this or other lifetimes which have compelled us to repeat painful patterns of behavior. A child who is punished for expressing his feelings may have difficulty expressing his feelings as an adult. Someone who has abused power in a past life may subconsciously sabotage their professional success in this life for fear of abusing power again. From this higher perspective, we understand our issues as lessons for our empowerment rather than as mistakes or inadequacies. Consequently, we are better able to forgive (or to congratulate!) ourselves, and to reestablish our lives in perfect health, happiness, and abundance. And, we spontaneously make the changes necessary to maintain this experience permanently.

As we release the blocks to wholeness, a transformation occurs which results in a deep sense of peace - a sense of knowing. The separation we experienced between the physical body and the Divine is softened and is replaced by the bliss of unity. Lightweaving™ is truly the ultimate in caring for one's self.

About the Sessions

The process of Lightweaving™ is guided by the Higher Self of each individual with the assistance of a highly trained facilitator, and unfolds in an atmosphere of understanding, comfort and confidentiality.

The individual experiences a deep sense of acceptance by the facilitator, as well as a renewed acceptance of self which allows the release to occur. Each Lightweaving™ session focuses on one or more issues which have been previously selected. These may involve relationships, health, career, finances, etc. Through the use of past life regression, Reiki, polarity, chakra clearing, guided visualization, deep breathing, accupressure, EK, subtle body vibrational therapy (such as flower remedies or gem elixirs), and other techniques, we dissolve the guilt and confusion about who we are, what we have done, or what we wish we were doing.

Lightweaving™ proceeds gently and systematically by first uncovering the core elements involved with each issue. The chakras are then balanced and the interrelated physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies are repatterned to permanently release the blocks to the flow of light. Next, the creative elements or "devas" are enlivened in the awareness. And finally, light is infused into the bodies to sustain the enhanced experience of wholeness in daily life.

After the session, each person receives assistance in developing a personal program tailored to meet his specific requirements. This further ensures the results from Lightweaving™ will continue and grow in daily life.

Preparing for Lightweaving ™

Select several issues which are important to you, such as relationship problems, financial difficulties, career concerns, co-dependent behavior patterns, health challenges, etc. We typically address one or two issues per session. Dress for comfort and warmth. You will be reclining on a massage table during the process and as your physiology settles down you may become chilly. Blankets will be available, but long sleeves and socks are suggested. Allow plenty of time for your appointment. It is important that you are not under time pressure during the session. Avoid the use of drugs or alcohol immediately before or after Lightweaving™. Drugs or alcohol may alter your experience in a manner which is not conducive for maximum release. Prescription medication is acceptable.

Fee Structure

Lightweaving is typically experienced in person in a private setting. The charge for Lightweaving is $100 per hour. The first session is usually longer and lasts between 3-4 hours, with most sessions being 3 hours. Subsequent appointments are likely to take a shorter amount of time. Emotional healing cannot be rushed and we advise clients to be somewhat flexible in allowing sufficient time for each appointment. Each session is designed to be complete in itself. However, with long standing issues, full healing and release of old patterns will often take place in layers and we suggest you allow for multiple sessions.

Healing Intensive "Vacation"

We are happy to assist you with arrangements for inexpensive lodging if you are able to come to Phoenix for a "healing intensive" lasting over several days and including a variety of healing modalities. This may be arranged to include a trip to Sedona/Grand Canyon if desired.

Remote Lightweaving

As we mentioned, Lightweaving is typically experienced in person. However, there are many modalities and meditative sequences used in Lightweaving that can be shared remotely, over the telephone with remarkable success. Please email us for more information or to set up an appointment.

We have various "package" prices for our telephone clients which reflect greatly reduced hourly rates for those who desire ongoing support through Lightweaving, or coaching to heal emotionally, physically or to assist in spiritual growth. Our coaching services include assistance in developing careers and/or designing YOUR workshops or programs for spiritual growth, conceptualizing YOUR books or tapes to market YOUR own products. Please email with your specific questions.

Comments from Lightweaving™ Clients and Students

I can really do this! I have felt a continuing tangible sense of a presence since the session, guiding my every step, there all along, but unavailable to me before. This is the way to learn!

The power of the group in opening everyone up to the long buried memories was beyond my imagination or experience. I never expected so much healing to occur on myself! Or my goals to come true so fast...

I never imagined the power or value of remembering my first past lives. Truly astounding! many habits and patterns I have not understood now make sense. . made it so much easier to change them to my liking.

I can't believe that after just a few months, I have a new profession, new friends and even clients! I finally have a way to resolve my financial problems and feel empowered doing it.

I was very touched by the power of the love within this group, with so many people whom I thought I had never met, and yet have known for lifetimes...

The work we did with Atlantis was astounding! . . deep connection with that time, and several of the people at the workshop...

It opened up a place of great personal power inside that will never close again...

I am now drawing on internal resources that I had blocked and limited before... finally ready to admit who I am for the first time.

This course includes a great variety of techniques and tools to develop your own approach and grace therein. There was ample opportunity to experience a myriad of methods...and included everything I had been looking for in one place.

True healing must include mind/body and emotions. After this course I felt capable of dealing with all of these according to my own strengths.

I am an MSW. I have learned more from (these classes) than in 2 years of grad school. The techniques you teach are useful therapeutic tools for myself as well as for my patients.

I have been to other schools. None of them includes this type of practical hands on experience with emotional healing. The personal transformation was more than I ever expected. I have never experienced so powerfully what a group can do.

You become more powerful. Because of that I did not understand that emotional healing could result in such a dramatic demonstration of fulfillment of my goals.

Been trying to get over this relationship for over a year now. This has helped me so much in gaining understanding about our relationship and confidence in myself I feel free to love again.

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