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Individual Session

Medical Intuitive Assistance:

While we do not diagnose or prescribe, we are often able to determine nutritional/life style changes that can greatly enhance the healing process of the body. We will then provide insight into the true spiritual and emotional cause of your particular health problem. You may opt to accomplish this healing on your own, or we can work together in these often less obvious, "energetic" areas if desired.

If you choose, we would then employ a variety of emotional healing techniques and/or meditations to modify the mental/emotional issues and thus bring harmony and balance, - and often forgiveness - back into your life. Our experience is that when the underlying cause is understood and eliminated, when old judgment or anger is recognized and dissolved, the physical body can heal itself far more easily.

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2 hours personal reading/session: $175 (highly recommended for new clients)
1 hour personal reading/session: $100

Note: For those who require ongoing support or coaching, during the healing process, we offer various package prices that provide further reduction in cost per hour. We will discuss options which best fit your schedule.

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