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Individual Session

Tantra - Making Love to Life:

Learn to connect with your divine essence. Then feel the magic as you connect with that essence in your partner. When you bring the male and female energies together in their fullness, you truly make love to life.

Nothing improves your life more than being completely alive to the fullness of your entire nature. This INCLUDES the mind, the emotions and the body. True spirituality is an integrated experience which results from the full unfoldment of all three elements. Of these three elements, the physical part is more than 1/3 of the natural expression of our being.

When you are totally connected with your body, available to your emotions, and open to your spiritual essence, MIRACLES HAPPEN!! TANTRA is valuable in healing all aspects of life. Tantra is more than sex. Tantra is more than breathing. Tantra is a fully present experience of connection with your deepest spiritual essence. Only then can you truly connect with the one you love!

For women: Learn to become the woman that will receive the beauty of the full power of your man. Bring out their ability for intimacy.

For men: Learn to become the man which will bring out the receptivity and openness of your woman to your lovemaking. Rekindle their passion for you.

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