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  • Energy Transference

    • FREE: Energy Transference - Karma Cords (Picking up Energy) - Part 1
      How negative or disruptive energy is transferred in life situations, counseling or healing work, how to prevent it, and 7 quick ways to shift or transform it if you feel "drained" by such an event.

    • Eliminating Karma Cords & Psychic Ties - Part 2 ($8.99)
      Includes Part 1 plus: What to do when this energy entanglement occurs as a karma cord or psychic tie in a relationship and interferes with your life.

  • Higher Self Connection

    • FREE: Higher Self Connection - Part 1
      Understanding the elusive term "higher self", what it means in our lives, how to recognize and strengthen the connection.

    • Higher Self Connection - Part 2 ($8.99)
      Includes Part 1 plus: Why we don't feel our higher self, receiving information, levels of connection, higher self in relationships.

Guided Meditation Tapes/CD'S and Downloads

  • Finding Forgiveness ($10.00)
    Guides you through the forgiveness process of your mother, your father, and a romantic partner. Can be done alone or with a surrogate partner.
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  • Meeting Your Higher Self ($10.00)
    Guides you into the process of meeting your Higher Self, receive guidance and attunement, and reestablishing that connection more permanently.
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  • Finding Your Soul Mate/Twin Flame ($10.00)
    Explains the concept, then guides you through the process of separating and reuniting with this energy. Useful to help you in your search.
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  • Eliminating Karma Cords & Psychic Ties ($19.97)
    Describes a variety of energy cords, with real examples, and assists you in eliminating energy drain, and unwanted influence from others. Or, in disconnecting from someone you can't seem to let go of. POWERFUL!
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  • You Are Loved (Coming Soon!)
    A beautiful tape with angelic words to soothe, comfort, support you. This channeled message is useful to help you remember you are loved, you are not alone, and someone is there by your side. One side is a female voice. The other side is a male voice.

Personalized Tapes: (Meditation tape created just for you) Cost $175

  • Personalized Guided Meditation Tapes assist with healing whatever is important to you. This involves sending an email of up to 300 words explaining your situation and desired result. These meditations can help you focus on healing you body, creating a new career, healing an emotional wound in your life, etc. Dawn will write and record a meditation just for you which will be sent within 10 days. (This takes 2-3 hours of time to complete.) By listening to this meditation every night before sleep, images of healing and growth will develop throughout the night. This makes a great gift! (Please be sure to include the exact address where the tape is to be sent.)
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