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Meeting Your Higher Self; Strengthening Your Energy Field

Meeting Your Higher Self; Strengthening Your Energy Field

Includes an explanation of your Higher Self as your own perfect "divine blueprint", as well as a liberating discussion of the many ways that the Higher Self communicates with us. Many people have limited their own connection with their Higher Self because they believe this communication must singlularly come by means of an inner voice. These concepts open the doors for reestablishing a richer connection to our most treasured, sacred aspects.

Includes a guided meditation to meet your Higher Self, to receive guidance, and to re-establish that connection more richly and permanently. Your Higher Self is not something "out there" but very much a part of everything you do. This recording will help you to remember what you have always known about yourself, that you are Divine.

Available in both CD (shipped for $2.99, US orders only) or MP3 download (no shipping and available internationally).

Higher Self 1 CD - $12.97 US

Higher Self Audio Mp3 Download - $9.97

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