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Understanding Karma Cords - Decording from Unwanted Energy (2 CD SET)

Understanding Karma Cords - Decording from Unwanted Energy

Is there someone that you can't seem to let go of or get out of your mind no matter how hard you try or how much you want to? Do you feel someone else is controlling your life with their thoughts or desires? Do you have repeated thoughts and dreams or interference from someone (a former spouse, relationship or a parent)?

Psychic ties or cords with others can make you tired, they can make you stressed, sick, depressed, guilty, sad, sexually stimulated, or repressed, foggy and unclear about your own path - even if there is no real (conscious) reason for you to feel this way. Karma cords can make you feel inexplicably responsible for another person and their well-being or survival. Cords can control your life and keep you from achieving your dreams - completely subconsciously on both sides.

If you are having trouble moving ahead in your life, ask yourself these questions. Is there anyone who might subconsciously be holding you back? Who might be harboring a wish that you come back to them, take care of them, feel the pain that they feel? Is there someone who is afraid to have you grow away from them? Who might feel threatened by your success or happiness, and secretly hope you give up your dreams so they won't have to grow themselves? If there is a person(s) who comes to mind in answer to these questions, you are well advised to explore the decording process!

Dawn explains how decording never alters real love and appropriate connections between two people. Instead, eliminating or "unplugging" the karma cords stops the energy drain that can even short circuit a potentially real, loving relationship. The gentle process of eliminating these ties is often the best gift you can give to yourself and to them!

Learn about the 8 different types of cords which we create with our spouses, our parents, our children and loved ones and how to release them: Anger Cords, Survival Cords, Sexual Cords, Devotional Cords, Past Life Cords, Free Will Cords, Approval Cords, Mental Control Cords. Understand the "karma" behind them and beliefs that you have which allowed them. Find out how to move on after a difficult divorce, relationship break, or death of a loved one. Learn how to protect your energetic boundaries and not allow your students or clients to cord you. Understand why some people allow and even encourage abuse in their relationships: could this be a Past Life Cord?

This 2 CD set contains 2 full hours of information and a powerful, guided meditation to eliminate the psychic ties. Also includes a process to change the internal belief system which allowed them in the first place.

Disc One:

  • Understanding Karma Cords
  • Survival Cord
  • Anger Cord
  • Sexual Energy/Abuse Cord
  • Heart Center/Romantic Cord
  • Personal Power/Free Will Cord
  • Validation/Approval Cord
  • Mental Conditioning/Behavior Control Cord
  • Past Life/Generational Contract Cord
  • Uncovering Negative Beliefs or "Tapes"
  • Preparing for Meditation
Disc Two:

  • Guided Meditation for Decording Process
  • Reprogramming with Positive Affirmation
  • Strengthening the Energy Field

Available in both CD (shipped for $2.99, US orders only) or MP3 download (no shipping and available internationally).

Karma Cords 2 CD Set - $19.97 US

Karma Cords Audio Mp3 Download - $15.97

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