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Your Personalized Guided Meditation CDs for Healing and Support

Personalized Guided Meditation CDs for Healing and Support

If you have a challenge which requires frequent internal work to help you stay focused on your dreams, keep you emotionally and mentally balanced, self confident, and connected with your inner guidance, a Personalized Guided Meditation CD may assist you. As soon as the order is processed, you will be asked to send Dawn an email of up to 300 words explaining your situation and desired result.

Common topics are:

Healing the body

Creating a new career

Transforming an emotional wound

Creating a new desired state or circumstance in your life

Dawn will write and record a meditation just for you which will be sent within 14 days. (The actual meditation takes 2-3 hours of time for Dawn to compose for you.) By listening to this meditation every night before sleep, images of healing and growth will develop throughout the night. This makes a great gift! (Please be sure to include the exact address where the CD is to be sent.


Personalized Meditation CD - $175.00 US

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