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Tragedies Can Teach Us How To Love

I have been asked by many about the recent devastation of the hurricane – as well as the events earlier this year associated with the Tsunami. Perhaps this viewpoint might help to get us through this more gracefully – if we can but learn the lesson that is so obviously before us.

The world has been asked again and again to see each other as brothers and sisters. And we have all, through our spiritual inclinations, attempted to do that. But most of it has been through mere intellectual agreement. These recent tragedies have a way of bringing emotional experience to this intention, and bridging the gap that seems to separate us as people or nations.

We have felt the pain and heartache of the scores of people who have lost their homes, members of their family and often the very life that they once knew as their own.

Now, assuming you are in agreement with the concept that you personally felt the anguish of the victims of the hurricane – understand what that means - that you experienced feelings and emotions that were not initially generated by you. You were actually experiencing someone else’s reality. Your home was not flooded. Your lives were not turned upside down. And yet you felt it, and have reacted in many cases as if it was somehow personal.

As your heart reached out in sympathy, you united your world with theirs. Your heart with theirs. You experienced a unity of realities with people you had never met. That you don’t even know.

Unfortunately it is often through events that are filled with emotions of loss, despair and tragedy that we are able to connect with this level of our SELVES. Nonetheless, it is a available to us every moment. What you are identifying as compassion is a way of gently masking a beautiful spiritual experience; that of communion with your fellow man.

As you see the myriad images of death and destruction, your heart reaches out as would “tentacles” to feel what your “brothers and sisters” are experiencing. It is a natural phenomenon to care for others who are hurting.

And all the love, prayers (and of course your donations), are greatly easing the suffering of those who are lost and/or frightened. Each of us knows how much easier it is to get through a tragedy in our lives when we have others around who care. Imagine what it is like for them to know that millions of strangers care? I promise you they can feel your love, and are “uplifted” or “healed” by that love.

Those of you who desire to fine-tune your healing work, this is a marvelous chance to again learn how to “send energy” to others. Just by loving them. And an equally marvelous opportunity to follow your intuition. Some of us are being inspired to send money, or clothing, or food. Others are being moved to open their homes. And still others are working on longer term solutions for employment, housing, and education as our precious “family members” rebuild their lives. FOLLOW that intuition. I assure you it is coming from a very high, very precious spiritual essence which is the REAL you. That special place where we are all quite the same BEAUTIFUL BEING.

As you help THEM, you help yourselves. You grow spiritually. You expand your capacity to love. And as my greatest spiritual teacher once said – “All love is directed toward the Self”. As you give to others, you feel the beautiful light within you grow brighter. And GOD is more available to you in your daily life. This is a beautiful opportunity for us all to remember that we are, after all, brothers and sisters in this big and sometimes difficult world.

And if you want to take it a step further, why not expend some of your time in reaching out to those who are making the decisions which affect our world. Find a way to love them – to experience compassion for them as well. Sometimes their lives are threatened in OTHER ways than through the loss of a home. Realize our leaders may often have sleepless nights, or be under tremendous pressure, criticism, or confusion. How would you like to live knowing that thousands of people dislike you? And are actively out to get you? (There are always SOME people who dislike even the best of our world leaders)

You can help them by holding them in the light of your love too. Just as some of the hurricane victims made poor decisions that might have lead to some of their problems now, you still love them. Our leaders may also have made some difficult choices, made promises or compromises that we know nothing about. Wow, I know I sure would not want to be in their shoes day to day.

I am not talking politics when I suggest that ANY leader of ANY large body of people, whether it be an organization or a government - needs our love. This does not denote blind agreement.

When you feel anger and rage coming up within you about any world event - first you need to realize that it is not just your anger. It is also the anger of thousands of others. It is not just your rage it is the rage of perhaps millions. And these negative emotions, that we all share in common just as spontaneously, are the fuel for the wars, hostilities and disturbances that have colored our lives for as long as we can remember. Why would you willingly want to contribute to, and thereby increase the anger? I know you don’t. So from now on - don’t do it.

There is no spiritual value whatsoever in remaining angry at anyone – for anything.

To me, the collective outpouring of love which occurs as a result of such natural disasters as Katrina, can be used to draw us all closer to our true nature which is love, love, love. The feelings of compassion and understanding are palpable right now. So bathe yourselves in those finer nuances of your own spiritual nature.

Today you want to make a difference in the lives of your brothers and sisters who experienced the hurricane. And improve your own life in the process. Tomorrow, you can make a significant difference in the lives of our leaders by loving them too, and similarly, improve your own life – and our world in the process. Here’s how.

Practice loving. Loving and/or caring more easily for others is something we all naturally feel after disasters such as these. Why not expand this enriched ability to “feel” to include those who can influence our world in dramatic positive ways.

Hold the image of each of them (politician, authority figure, etc.) as they come into your mind as a child – your child. Or pretend they are your younger brother, or sister if that suits you. Talk to them gently and lovingly in your mind/heart reminding them that we are all children of the same loving beautiful God. There is no need to expand the hatred any more. Love is the way. And that you love and believe in them.

You will know you have it down to an art when you can honestly find love in your heart for those who are “politically misbehaving” in your opinion. Love them anyway – knowing that you are affecting them with your love – and thus creating move love in your own life simultaneously. Yes, all love IS directed toward the Self. Let’s all get the message nature is giving us right now, and keep the love going.

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