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Love Poems: Love Poem My Country Love

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Love Poem:
My Country Love

If you passed her in your city
You would call her badly dressed,
But the faded homespun covers
Such a heart in such a breast!
True, her rosy face is freckled
By the sun's abundant flame,
But she's mine with all her failings,
And I love her just the same.

If her hands are red they grapple
To my hands with splendid strength,
For she's mine, all mine's the beauty
Of her straight and lovely length!
True, her hose be think and homely
And her speech is homely, too;
But she's mine! her rarest charm is
She's for me, and not for you!
- Norman Rowland Gale

Love and Love Relationship News and Articles

Why It Takes More Than Love for Your Relationship to Work
Huffington Post
Two of the most commonly used words to describe successful relationships were not four letter words starting with "L" ... they were "compromise" and "sacrifice." Yet, according to Relationships Australia, over 90 percent of us still say we marry for love.

Taylor Swift Reveals She's Never Been In Love, Just 'Toxic' Relationships
Hollywood Life
We're not going to lie: it's a little shocking seeing as how she has been in multiple relationships, and writes love songs about many of them! Here's what we can think off off of the top of our heads: Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, John Mayer, Jake ...
Taylor Swift admits she didn't love her
Taylor Swift Talks Selena Gomez 'Feud,' Says She's Never Been in LoveCelebuzz
Taylor Swift Takes A Dig At Ex Boyfriend Harry Styles: One Direction Hunk's ...International Business Times AU
Sugarscape -Us Magazine
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Love Essentially: The real reason good sex is important in a relationship
Skokie Review
I bet if someone did a poll asking men and women to rank the importance of good sex in a relationship on a scale of 1 to 10, most people would give it at least an 8. Remember the movie, “About Last Night?” There's a scene where Jim Belushi and Rob Lowe ...

Daily Mail

Love really IS all you need: Happy relationships help people thrive in every ...
Daily Mail
The Beatles were right. Love is all people need to thrive in every way, a new study claims. Researchers claim that relationships help people cope with stress and adversity as well as helping them to learn, explore, achieve goals, cultivate new talents ...

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Commentary: 'The Maze Runner' And Male Screen Relationships
Would it be unreasonable that they show that love? Or are we so deeply afraid of male homosexuality that, even in books and in films that only have men in them, we still cannot allow those men to develop deep, explicit, and clear loving relationships ...

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Altering the 'jerk factor' in a loving relationship is a challenge
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
"My husband and I have done counseling with four different therapists and our marriage is still a mess," Sandra told me. In both professional and pop psychology, prevailing wisdom has it that dysfunctional relationships are the result of poor ...

Critically Thinking Love/Hate Relationships
Black Voice News
A "love/hate" relationship is a purely European invention--mainly because they convert African Tradition's spiritually boundless Unconditional Love into a Material world "Conditional" form that possesses boundaries and relativity. Those enable their ...

Spreading the love: Culinary partnership builds relationships
Mountain Xpress
Asheville Independent Restaurants Executive Director Jane Anderson, who happened to be among the guests at the Welcome Table that day, says the program helps develop positive relationships. “Bringing people who are not housed together with local ...

Is It Strange That I Don't Want a Relationship? (blog)
I have even found it difficult to want relationships with my family, which is a little unusual for me. In the divorce there was fault on both sides naturally. The two-year relationship felt more like love then the marriage by a long shot. Wrong partner ...

RomCom or Relationship Comedy? Either Way, Love Takes Over TV
What's love got to do with it? Apparently, everything, when it comes to TV. Romantic comedies may be dead at the movies, but on television, suddenly, the genre is thriving. Or, at least, trying to. But don't call shows on the air or coming soon ...

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