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Love Poems: Love Poem My Country Love

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Love Poem:
My Country Love

If you passed her in your city
You would call her badly dressed,
But the faded homespun covers
Such a heart in such a breast!
True, her rosy face is freckled
By the sun's abundant flame,
But she's mine with all her failings,
And I love her just the same.

If her hands are red they grapple
To my hands with splendid strength,
For she's mine, all mine's the beauty
Of her straight and lovely length!
True, her hose be think and homely
And her speech is homely, too;
But she's mine! her rarest charm is
She's for me, and not for you!
- Norman Rowland Gale

Love and Love Relationship News and Articles

'Love INC' Breaking Cycles, Building Relationships
Christian Broadcasting Network
BOISE, Idaho -- Meeting the needs of the poor is a top priority for churches in Boise, Idaho. A network of about 40 congregations is crossing denominational lines to help those trapped in poverty. An organization called "Love INC Boise" (Love, in the ...

Gay marriage, religion and cilantro: How to have a loving relationship with ...
Daily Herald
A spouse decides to vote with a different political party. School-age friends openly criticize on social media the beliefs we hold dear. The question remains: Can family and friends maintain loving relationships while openly disagreeing with one another?

Our relationship with animals and the meaning of love
What kind of love is that? — G.B., St. Louis. Dear G.B. • You raise an important question about our relationships with animals and the meaning of love. In my opinion, our love ability can be measured by our capacity to suffer for and with others and ...

Clarksville Leaf Chronicle

Nurturing relationships part of good health
Clarksville Leaf Chronicle
tale love story, and now that I think about it, it would honestly make a great rom com. It goes a little something like this: Boy meets girl when they are in their very early 20s, and they have an amazing friendship with a ton of chemistry. A year ...

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3 Steps for Busy People to Create Success in Love
Huffington Post
Fortunately, thanks to pioneers in the field of love and relationships, such as psychologist, Dr. Sue Johnson, we now know how love makes sense and how to actually shape it. We know that we're all wired toward love, that humans are resilient and we ...

Rita Ora Covers 'Teen Vogue': Discusses Past Relationships, Fame And Love
British singer/songwriter Rita Ora covers the November issue of Teen Vogue. The U.K.-bred singer rocks her signature blonde locks and natural, nude lips in her cover photo. In an exclusive interview with Teen Vogue, she discusses her past relationships ...

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Love and relationships in the UK in six charts
The Independent
Ukip supporters are the most likely to be married; You are most likely to be 'head over heels in love' between six and 12 months into a relationship; Lib Dem voters are the most likely to 'definitely' be in love with their partner, and also the most ...

Irish Mirror

No X Factor love in as contestants 'banned from having relationships with one ...
Irish Mirror
The X Factor contestants are banned from having relationships with one another, according to a magazine report. The ITV talent show finalists are all sharing a house in London and though a number of hopefuls have confessed to having crushes on one ...

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Deccan Chronicle

Ganesha Speaks: A week for love, relationships and career
Deccan Chronicle
You may look forward to a good week ahead, especially when it comes to balancing your personal life. This transit favours all leisure trips or activities, says Ganesha. Thus, you may get a chance to go for a leisure trip with your life partner or loved ...


The Rise and Fall of "I Love You" in Relationships, in Two Charts
YouGov found that romance is a young man's game, apparently: A third of those in the first year of their relationship described the nature of their romance, as YouGov puts it, as "butterflies in the tummy love," but that figure drops to 10% only a few ...

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