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Love Quote:
If you think you can kiss while driving safely, you are not giving the kiss the attention it deserves.
- Author Unknown

Love and Love Relationship News and Articles

Dallas Morning News

Dallas One Love Tournament raises awareness about relationship violence
Dallas Morning News
To alert young people about what warning signs to look for with domestic violence, One Love created a risk assessment app that allows users to anonymously answer a series of questions to determine if their relationship could be unsafe. Then, if needed ...

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Relationship advice: Here is why being in-love is like getting drunk
Pulse Nigeria
These effects are found as a result of both alcohol consumption and the closest approximation of falling in love that could be done in a lab setting: the nasal administration of oxytocin. Although it's fascinating to know that being drunk and in love ...


Murphy's Love: Advice on Intimacy and Relationships
There is more context to this, but I will say that I have stepped outside of my marriage a few times over many years. I have felt guilty about this, and then recommitted myself to being faithful, but then I find myself attracted to other women. I think ...

Rico Love's Love Advice Is The Answer To Your Relationship Woes
Rico Love released his debut album, Turn The Lights On, on Tuesday, but he's been making hit records for years now. With writing credits for everyone from Usher to Beyoncé, Rico is a pro when it comes to penning songs about love and relationships.

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Times of India

Celebs talk about their love and relationships
Times of India
Kalki Koechlin has never shied away from talking about her relationship with Anurag Kashyap. So, when quizzed about how she felt about Anurag's confession that she was his biggest loss, Kalki laughed it off. She said that she thought he had made it ...

'Fostering Loving Relationships' proposes using dare principle
The Philadelphia Tribune
Whether it is between a husband and wife, parent or child, or any other intimate union, showing unconditional love and letting the other person be who they are meant to be is never easy. So, many benefited from the “Fostering Loving Relationships ...

New York Times

No Labels, No Drama, Right?
New York Times
... two people who spoke and loved to speak and kissed and loved to kiss and connected and were scared of connecting. I told myself it was because we went to different schools, because teenage boys don't want relationships, because it was all in my head.

The Slatest

Your all-access pass
The Slatest
Miriam Krule: When you and I chatted about Episode 2, we rightfully named Dany that week's WPiW, but we also got to talking about what we really wanted to chat about: the best relationships in Westeros, real and imagined. What better way to celebrate ...

NBC 6 South Florida

"Love Detective" Promises to Keep Relationships Honest as More Americans ...
NBC 6 South Florida
The thawing of diplomatic relations between Cuba and the United States has many American businesses and investors planning their approach. Doing business in Cuba is a controversial topic in South Florida. Some feel most of that money will only fuel the ...

They Want Open Relationships
I'm 26, gay, single, and in my last year of medical school. I haven't had a serious relationship since college, and feel like I have been on a hamster wheel of short term relationships, hookups, and first dates. The one thing that has been bothering me ...

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