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Love Quote:
Love has no cause, it is the astrolabe of God's secrets.
- Jalaluddin Rumi

Love and Love Relationship News and Articles


30 TV Relationships That Make Us Believe in Love This Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day is all about romance, but love comes in many forms — on TV just as in life. This year, we decided to spotlight 30 small screen relationships that have captured our hearts, whether they're family, friends or something more. From the ...

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International Business Times

Valentine's Day 2016 Quotes: 21 Romantic Sayings About Love And Relationships
International Business Times
We get it: You need to write a lengthy love note in the Valentine's Day card you got for your sweetheart, but you're not feeling very creative. Luckily, a host of writers have already expressed your feelings better than you ever could. Grab a pen and ...

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The Register-Guard

Eugene author's 'Love Factually' offers relationship advice rooted in science
The Register-Guard
1/6 – Just in time for Valentine's Day, Duana Welch of Eugene has written a book called “Love Factually,” a research-based guide on picking a partner for a lasting relationship. “I went to a bookstore to find a really solid book on the science of ...

The Good Men Project

How to Find Love and a Relationship, Despite No Training!
The Good Men Project
Love, dating, relationships, talking to women… all topics that have befuddled me from the moment my voice first cracked and I realized that girls were complicated creatures that I would never truly understand, but would forever hold a power over me.

A.V. Club

Guy Branum on true love, gay open relationships, and Pride And Prejudice
A.V. Club
An openly gay comedian who's appeared on shows like Chelsea Lately, writes for The Mindy Project, and cohosts the podcast Pop Rocket, Guy Branum is used to putting his opinions out there. Like Mindy's Dr. Mindy Lahiri and Lately's Chelsea Handler, ...


Love and relationships: Expert answers your questions
If they are talking about an issue they are not upset about, tell them you love them, but you really want to watch football right now. “Why is it that when I ask my wife "what are your frustrated about?" She replies, "You NEVER" and "You ALWAYS"? What ...

Love and sex: 11 tips on how to grow your relationship
You can grow your relationship and make it something that continually enhances your life. A good relationship is like anything you love, you must be committed to learning, to growing, and always looking to improve. When you feel like you've settled ...

Longevity LIVE

Renewing Love in Your Relationship
Longevity LIVE
With love being such a desired emotion we wish to kindle in order to form a committal relationship, why does it so often end poorly with discord and resentment?Whether these issues arise in the newly developed romance or later on, it can have an impact ...

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People Magazine

5-Year-Old Girl Has Some Very Deep Thoughts on Love After Her Playground Break Up
People Magazine
She thinks a lot, for example, about love. While staring out of car windows. And her mom, Sloane Heffernan, is not allowed to take those stories with anything but absolute seriousness. "She gets so mad if I even crack a smile," Heffernan wrote on Facebook.

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Toronto Star

Tainted love: rings from failed relationships fetch less
Toronto Star
Anne Bowers, an associate professor with U of T's Rotman School of Management, combed through more than 1.5 million eBay listings of solitaire diamond engagement rings over 13 months to find rings linked with a tainted love. She found them by trawling ...

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