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Quotes from Arnold Keyserling

Have you not yet seen how all things yearn for the one: the essence of wakefulness? Only there is there joy. Joy is wakefulness in love, and sadness is the precondition of joy, not because there exists an antithesis to joy, but because no one can let himself fall deep enough without sorrow.
- Arnold Keyserling

The mouth of the world is the starting point of growth. The Earth utters you. She is the eternal Mother. She gave you a name, which you must discover. This name is your Path, your true angel.
- Arnold Keyserling

The Primal Power of the Nine: We Muses are the bearers of all impulses, which change from image into word. These images are the riches with which people beautify and spiritualize the earth. They can only truly exist through people - in the written word, in depiction, in personification. In the world of pure images everything is a round dance: all rejoice, and even that which seems tragic is only a game.
- Arnold Keyserling

Wonder arises when your purpose falls into line with the right way--all at once everything proceeds of its own accord. Do not take on false motivations. They reveal their fraudulence in that they cannot be thought through to their conclusion. Thinking is a force, feeling leads to new motivations. Remain receptive to both and truth will become attainable.
- Arnold Keyserling

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